Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Transfer week and 6 months!

      Man oh has been a loooong week. This winter is crawling by and its kinda driving me crazy!!!!!!  Almost every day is cold and overcast and snowy/rainy or just gross. I am sooo ready for Spring. Sis. Coontz and I finally decided we had to do something to help us remember that Winter will end someday. So we made a paper chain until the first day of spring. Its still really long but We will make it!
     We are so excited for this transfer. This has actually been a really rough week, I just really felt like I was losing my desire to do missionary work and my hope and patience that God is truly in the work and will pull through. But I have already seen his hand too many times to doubt that He is there and I know I just need to keep going and in HIS time, we will have success. I have been reading about being a consecrated missionary and so I am just going to go forth with a renewed determination to lose myself in the work and leave everything on the altar.
     We have been focusing on working with a lot of Less actives this week. We really do have so much work that could be done in this area....It is just so hard when people's agency get in the way!!!!  But We will keep going! No worries! We have a Ward Mission Leader now and it is going to really help push us to do our best! God is so Good!
    A lot happened this week.
         Monday we lost our keys (after a long night of panic)...Tuesday we found them...(God answers prayers! It was a miracle!) Wednesday we were at Sites and got some really cool chats! Thursday, we had interviews with Pres. Vellinga. He really is the best mission pres ever!!!! Then that night we watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration movie at the Visitors center with some other sisters. It was the best thing ever! I love the Prophet Joseph Smith. He is so inspiring. Then Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday were all kinda a blur.... But we reached our goal of 20 lessons this week which was HUGE for us! Also We might go Full proselyting...still not for sure, but President like the idea and we will find out on Thursday!
    We are getting a new sites sister this transfer! We are all so excited! It has been 4 1/2 months since we have had anyone new come in. I also made it to my 6 month mark!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahoo! So crazy!

     Love you all! If you havn't seen this mormon message yet watch it! Click here! Its my favorite!!!!!  
     Love you all
"Shall we not go on in so great a cause?!" - Joseph Smith

The picture is of my District...A&W...Ashtabula and Warren Forever baby!