Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring are you there?!

Hello Everybody!!!! Guess what?! I have officially been out for 8 months! Which half way point is just around the corner. I think I will hit it the second or third week of April because with the way transfers fall I am most likely going to be gypped a few weeks:( Isn't that crazy though?!?!? I feel like I just got here!!

     Well was a pretty typical week. Which equals AWESOME! Because pretty much every week on a mission is awesome, even if its hard. I say that because when you get to the end of the week, even if you felt like crap the whole week, You still can look back and see how far you have come and what the Lord helped you accomplish when you couldn't go any further. And It truly is amazing. God is so good!
       Monday we saw Barb for the last time. She's one that we had to give up to the Elders when we rearranged our boundaries, Which was several weeks ago, And we keep setting up appointments so that the Elders can come and we can have one more lesson with her to say goodbye and introduce her, The appointments have been canceled several times though and we finally got one more set up and because of some miscommunication the Elders didn't come! GAH! So we just shared our favorite scriptures with her, Testified and told her the Elders would be teaching her from now on. So the hand off didn't go as smoothly as we hoped but its all good.  It was nice to see her one more time.
       Tuesday we were on fire! It was such a good day! We got 2 Lessons with a member present, 2 other lessons, 1 new investigator, 1 Less active lesson and 1 member lesson. Awesome day for our area! One of those lessons was with Brian, (the Blind guy in Conneaut, as he always says when he calls us:) Walking up to his house we realized we have never had a lesson with him all by ourselves, We always see him when we are out with the Banks or Sis. Braden or another member. So suddenly we were slightly terrified! He is a hoot, don't get me wrong. He just is a hard one to teach. Because he is blind, he listens really intently and will call you out if you make the slightest mistake or say one thing wrong. He's not mean about it, He just likes to get really deep into things and is super inquisitive and if you don't have the spirit with you, you just can't measure up to his high expectations! Good thing we do have the spirit!!! The lesson actually went really well. He got off topic a few times but we pulled him back in. We realized though that he pretty much has the mindset of a Jehovah Witness...We were teaching the Plan of Salvation and he brought of the scripture from Revelations about only 144,000 making it to heaven (oh gosh). Well definitely going to have to make sure he understands that one better. It was a really good lesson though. He is such a character!
       Wednesday nothing really exciting happened, just went around teaching and testifying and inviting!
    Thursday we had a really good day with the Banks, at least the first half of it was good. We had dinner with Bro. Harper (which is always an adventure), Then, we were so excited for our next appointment which was with the referral we received last week. He totally flamed us though (wasn't home) Grrrr... I am praying he just forgot, He really is so awesome and I pray, pray, and pray m that he stays interested! 
      Friday was a bit of a flop day, we were really struggling that morning (had a huge melt down actually, we are calling it our "mid-mission crisis" :)  It was bad, But our saving grace was going to Sis. Braden's, Our only appointment that afternoon (which we had all lined up with their home teachers rushing home from work to come with us and everything!) canceled a half hour before (which is right when we were all on our way over) then we were really stressed out! But we had a stroke of inspiration hit that told us to call Sis. Braden, We asked if we could practice one of our Lessons with her and then help her with any service she needed. She told us "Come on over!" and put us to work. It was just what we needed. Sis. Braden is THE most amazing member of the church! She is the most energetic and cheerful grandma I know and LOVES missionary work, Pretty sure she would have served a billion missions by now if she wasn't still tied down with her nonmember husband (he lives in a nursing home nearby). So instead she is serving a family history mission right here in our ward comes out with us missionaries whenever she can! She is going straight to the Celestial Kingdom. I love her.
        Saturday was weird but ended with a women's social and the broadcast so that made up for everything! It was an amazing evening and one of the Less, Actives we have been working with surprised us and came! It was a miracle! She loved it though and Cried through every song.
        Sunday we had a great time at church. Sis. Coontz had to speak and was so nervous about it but did an awesome job, Then for Relief Society we had a combined 5th Sunday meeting all about Family History! I LOVE Family History, We try to find a little bit of time here and there to get more familiar with it so we can help investigators but its few and far in between. I can't wait until I can devote more time to it when I get home.
    We then had a missionary correlation meeting with our ward mission leader at the cast guard station where he works. He has been gone for a few weeks so it was good to see him again and catch him up with what has been going on.  He gave the new Elder such a rough time...poor Elder. It was funny, but we had to rebuke him a little after for it "Hey, be nice to the new Elder!!" haha  he was like "Whaat? What did I do?" Yeah right Bro. Hamilton. (ps, He is a pretty young guy and likes to joke around with us a lot, So lest you think I am disrespecting my elders or anything, just know, you have to be able to hold your own around Bro. Hamilton... Military guy ya know.)
         We had dinner that night with The Rossiter''s it wasn't done yet when we got there so we started playing some games with the little girls, well, Abby really really, really wanted to play Hide and seek so we finally agreed (is that allowed?) and ran off to hide. Sis. Coontz and I realized we aren't as small as we used to be and I pretty much ended up sitting in her lap while we squished into a teeny corner. Haha, We didn't last long in that game.
      And that brings us to today! Which is going to be a good one! Missionary work really is so fun! I hope you all take the time to make sure people know you are Mormon and to openly talk about it and invite people! It gets easier the more you do it I promise! One thing I realized this week is that you really find the most happiness in life when you choose to live in the moment. It doesn't come from looking back, it doesn't come from obsessing about the future. Its what you are doing RIGHT NOW that matters the most. So, Everyone go have an awesome day, Do something selfless! Go stop by the people you visit/home teach just to say hi! Go donate blood or Index or clean the house for your mom without being asked. Your day will be an extraordinary one I can promise you that. I love you all!

          God is sooo good to us!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 25th letter

Hey all!

       Had some crazy things happen this last week...We have been doing service for Sis. Wiese (Our favorite Less active and her son who is going through a nasty divorce.) Well, Apparently someone has been watching the house and have seen us come over several times (always in our helping hands shirts and name tags I might add)  and are now accusing Cameron of "Gross misconduct" or something....right, like anything inappropriate is happening with a crazy stressed out of their minds mother and son and two sister missionaries in the house.....sketchy....oooh....NOT! Its stupid. So for awhile we were super stressed out (for example: "WHAT IF WE HAVE TO GO HOME OVER THIS!!!!??!!!???" kinda drama, we kept it to our apartment though don't worry.) about it because they were using it to move a home visit date back, sending in paperwork about it, blah blah blaaah. Lets just say it kinda wrecked our week (okaaay...don't worry, we still went around pretending to be perfectly put together and sane..We are good at it didn't really wreck our week completely) But, Its all going to work out and we aren't super worried about it anymore. We talked to our Bishop and President Vellinga about it, just to let them know. Now we just are being more careful and only going over with the senior missionary couple the Banks. So all in all, we are a bit frazzled that our reputations suddenly were so threatened but we are going strong again!! They both came to church again yesterday! And we were able to explain things to them and smooth it all over (Cameron was really worried we hated him for it or something ). So hopefully it won't even be brought up in court or anything. That won't be till April 3 though.  But we aren't worried about it. God has us in his hands.
  This week has been low on numbers and we were super frustrated about it! We tried out best. Its just so hard to get through those times when you feel like Satan is getting in the way of everything!!!!! But, I know he never really wins and we are doing what we can to help bolster each other, keep working hard, keep finding and teaching and with the Lord's help we are praying for a baptism.
    On a happier note!!!! We just received word that the apostle coming to tour our mission is.....wait for it...................(drum roll please).........ELDER JEFFERY R. HOLLAND!!!!!! WHAAAAATTT!!!!!!
 So that will be May 21st. We are SOOOOO incredibly excited/kinda scared....our mission must need some serious correction or something for them to send Elder Holland. It will be so good for us though, If anyone can bring down fire and brimstone from heaven and whip us all into shape in one afternoon it will be him:) Woot woot!
      So for some transfer news. We knew we weren't being transferred and were so happy but we hadn't received any word yet on whether we were going back to Kirtland or not. Well we still thought we would be going back for sure until President called us. I was laying on the floor after we were done exercising while Sis. Coontz took a shower. I had a random though come into my head "what if President Vellinga called right now and I had to go bang on the door to get Sis. Coontz out of the shower.! haha" Well, LITERALLY 5 seconds later the phone rings. I jump up and it was totally President!!!!! So, I had to run to the Bathroom door and bang on it and yell over the running water "SIS. COONTZ PRESIDENT VELLINGA IS CALLING!!!!!!" She had to jump out of the shower (haha) and poked her head out the door a second later with drenched hair and makeup running down her face (okay sometimes I exaggerate) while I answered. Well he hadn't even called us on purpose as it turned out but we were able to then ask him "Hey President thanks so much for keeping us together. We hadn't heard anything about whether we were going back to Kirtland or staying Full Pros though???!!!!" He said "Oh We are going to keep you out there Full Pros, We like the work you two are doing:D"  
     Sigh....We had been really wanting to go back. As sister Coontz' says "its not that I can't handle full Pros its just that I miss my HOME!!!"   We had to go drown our sorrows for a little bit in our heated blanket and some truffles.  It helped.
    Then though a few days later we found out they will actually need us a few days at Kirtland this transfer for some bus tours coming in. So are still Full proselyting but Father knew we needed to go home for a teeny tiny bit. Its going to be an awesome transfer.
      PS. I love love love love LOOOOOOVVE this the Ashtabula Ward. The people in it are just so comical and endearing. I wanna live here forever! After church yesterday we needed to talk to the Elders and ask them if they were going over to the Dickeys for lunch (they live on the boundary line so we switch off every other week) Well they were practicing with the men in the choir in the chapel so we nonchalantly slip in the back, Bro. Harper of course starts waving really big at us..haha, but so as to not disturb practice I start trying to mime/sign to them our question...they of course had no idea what we were saying but over in the other corner Bro. Findley starts busting out legit Sign Language back to us.... WHAT?!! haha.. of course he would know ASL. We had no idea. It was hilarious, Then Bishop comes over and asks if one of us can speak next Sunday, I quickly volunteered Sis. Coontz:) They Elder Pead comes down and gets off the phone with someone and says 

"Hey bishop, know any plumbers in the ward?" 
Bishop "What kind of plumbing problem? Waste?' 
Elder "yeah I think so...Bro. Fay said he has a flood....." 
Bishop "haha well I'm not available then but Bro Harper is a really good plumber!" 
Bro. Harper "Im an okay plumber, whats up?" (as he walks over to join the conversation) 
Elder "Bro, fay has a flood"
 Bishop "waste" 
Bro Harper "uhhh....I am a terrible plumber." 
         HAHAHA....It was such a funny exchange!

Well I gotta get going but here is a great quote from my friend Elder Harrison in Ukraine:

    "If any of you are struggling to know how to apply the Atonement of Christ more in your life, and take the next step of your Discipleship journey, I challenge you to take the next step, and go for the outcasts. Visit a less active, go sing in a hospital, take time to inconvenience yourself in order to bless somebody else. The spiritual rewards will be tangible"   

             Missions are sooooo fun! Even with all the stressedoutofmymindIdon'tknowhowtofunctionanymorekindamoments missions are just the best thing ever. Every day, every month every transfer just keeps getting better and better and better!!!!"  It just builds and builds and builds, the harder you work, the harder you pray the more your faith grows and the more those miracles come. One thing I have learned is to not settle for mediocrity, As we just do our very best.... God then makes you AWESOME!!!!!! As you go out and serve, truly serve with all of your heart, might, mind and strength. And trust me, everyday, you really do feel like you just gave ALL your STRENGTH, EMOTION and BRAIN POWER!!!! (Its Crazy!) I have seen how Father takes our little widows mite of effort and grows it into something so breathtakingly beautiful. And at that point, your mission becomes truly sacred to you. Not just a good experience, not just a fun time, not even just a learning period or a faith building is all that, but, to quote my mission president "Make your mission a Sacred one" Those are the very best kinds" My mission is becoming so sacred to me And RIGHT NOW, I get to LIVE It!  HOORAY FOR MISSIONS!! HOORAY FOR THE GOSPEL!! HOORAY FOR JESUS!!! 
    I love you all and will talk to you next week!!!! 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


  I really don't like the anticipation of Transfers. Its fun do see a transfer winding down and see how far you have come. But then it comes to the point where its staring you in the face and you know anything could happen! I tend to get a bit overstressed at this point. I just hate the suspense!!!!! Well Elder Carr, our District Leader finally called us last night to give us the word....Sis. Coontz and I are staying together! We are so happy! We are also staying full Proselyting so really, nothing is changing...which is good and bad.  We were really excited about the possibility of going back to Kirtland but we know there must be a reason we are staying full proselyting and are anxious to carry out the Lord's will.
    This week has been wonderful. Sis. Schanfish (excommunicated member) got re-baptized and it was amazing. It has been a long road and she has had to fight really hard for this but it is amazing to see the power of the Atonement working in her life. They are the sweetest family and I know now that she has taken that step and is being such a good example that her husband (our investigator) will soon follow. Then will their son Ethan (also an investigator) He really is all ready to be baptized...We just are waiting now on his dad giving permission...Pray hard everybody! Their family has come such a long way and it has been such a privilege to learn from them.

    We also saw such a miracle with our investigator Michelle. She has 5 kids and wants to come to church but finding a ride for 6 people has been difficult. So we have been praying for weeks now that she would be able to get a car. Well on Friday we were on our way to an appointment while we were out with a member of our ward when we saw Michelle pull up in the same parking lot we were in! She was driving a car! So we ran up to her and excitedly asked if that was her new car! She said "yes its mine! Now we can come to church!!" We feel so good about their family! And were so beyond thrilled to see this miracle take place! Someone just gave here a car! How incredible is that! Prayer works!!
   We did a mini mission with a girl in our ward who is planning on serving a mission too. She became our 3rd companion for the weekend and it was so fun! She is going to be an awesome missionary and we loved being able to really show someone else how much fun missionary work is! We took her to several appointments with less actives and investigators. Did some service for a few hours and of course had to take her tracting. It went really well. I think it was really eye opening for her in many ways. She loved it!
   We had one last lesson with Barb this week before we gave her over to the Elders in our ward. With the recent boundary change she was one that we had to give up. It was sooo sad but we trust that the re-organization was inspired and that it will be for the best.
    Ooh! We got a Head quarters referral this week!!! I was sooo excited! Its the first time I have gotten one! We called him to set up an appointment and his kids answered and were like "are you a bill collector?" haha! "nope, We're missionaries!" We got to meet them and there seems to be a lot of potential there! He had just been searching online for free bibles because he wants to give them to people!" so he didn't really know what he was getting himself into I think but when we went he was really open and receptive. He is totally going to read the Book of Mormon I just know it. He even asked where and when church was! #prayingreallyhard#
   So on Wednesday, there was the biggest blizzard of my life!!!! And we were right in the thick of it! We had gotten a text in the morning from the zone leaders that said "if you can stay off the roads" It wasn't a direct order to stay inside and in the morning it was just raining, We had 5 awesome appointments in Conneaut (the farthest place we could have gone probably) and couldn't bring ourselves to cancel them. So we prayed about it, then decided to go out. Well, on the way there it went from rain to rainy hail then to rain/hail/slush then to slushy snow then to heavy/icy snow...ugh. We were stuck on the freeway though so we had to keep going! Well we made it Conneaut and to our first few appointments. A couple canceled/flamed us(which means weren't home)...go figure. At this point although we had a few more appointments it was really bad outside. We hibernated inside McDonald's for a little while for lunch and had to really re-evaluate our day. Mostly though we just were scared to go outside! It was freaky! We called the Banks to ask for their expert advice (at this point we were trying to decide if it would be better to get outa there and attempt the drive home or just finish up the day and hope it didn't get any worse) Well as long as we were in Conneaut we decided to stay and finish up our day...turned out to be another canceled appointment though (of course!). Then even though we were an hour early we turned up to our next appointment and begged her to take pity on us. She let us in of course and just kept saying "you girls are crazy to be out in this!" Yup....pretty much!. Well after an awesome lesson with them we ran out side, frantically scraped off the layers of snow and Ice that had accumulated on our car in the past 40 mins and drove off. We finally began the perilous journey home and all I can say is I am glad its over! It was the scariest drive of my life!! We could barely see 10 ft in front of us. Everything was just white, white and more white. Ohio drivers are really weird too. In normal conditions they tend to drive 5 or even 10 under the speed limit sometimes. Then in bad weather...they like to speed along like the snow and ice isn't even there! Crazy! I was going 30 miles an hour the whole way home on the interstate. Pretty sure I helped everyone behind me avoid a few least that is what Sis. Coontz kept telling me. Not that we really could talk...we were both so stressed out all we could do was sing hymns the whole way home. It pretty much went like this...Me clutching the steering wheel like its a life raft, inching along at a heart racing 30 mile per hour crawl. Eyes peeled for ice and slush patches that would send us careening off the road (keep in mind we have already slid off the road once this winter and gotten stuck several times). Sis. Coontz singing a hymn with me joining in when I could spare the brain power. It was soooo scary. But WE MADE IT! When we got home we had to seriously evaluate if it had been wrong of us to go. If either of us had had any feeling that warned us not to. We didn't regret it though. It had been a good day minus the weather and we felt like even though it maybe wasn't the smartest thing we could have done, God really does bless us when we go forth to do His work no matter what. Whew.....never again though, Never again.

    The next day it almost looked like nothing had happened. So off to Conneaut again:) We taught Christina and afterwards helped her clean her bathroom. We used bleach and by the end of the 40 minutes I had scrubbed that nasty tub I felt so sick! Ugh....I got us out of there real fast and as we were driving away Sis. Braden (the member we were out with) Made me roll down my window "ex hail all the bad air out, then take in the biggest breath of your it it again." It helped at least!

    Well...Gotta go... the church is true! Love you all!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fun times and sick days

 It was a pretty normal week for us...just running around trying to save souls!
 So to make this a little more interesting I am just going to do some quotes from my journal for every day this week...ready go..
   Monday- "After emailing we went out to 'Mugs' (apparently its the place to go in town) but when we walked in their was a big sign that says 'cash or check only' (typical Jefferson) So we went across the street to 'Deli in the Rye' It was a really cute small town sandwich place with 3 old grandmas cooking the food in the kitchen in back. I had a Reuban that was delish. We had such a great time! Bro. Harper called us and said he invited his Amish Friends over for dinner on Friday! So we get to meet some Amish! Wahoo! It is going to be an awesome week. I just fell asleep like 4 times while writing this though so I better go to sleep."
    Tuesday-"Saw the Moleks today (less active family) I love the Moleks! They are SOOO funny! They got the cutest little puppy name tiny!"
    Wednesday-"I just want to MAKE people come to church and keep commitments!!! But I can't..sigh... stupid Satin making everybody lazy...NOT COOL!"
    Thursday-"We are at Kirtland right now!!! I think I might die of Happiness!!!! Elder Sorenson got special permission from Pres. Vellinga for us to come in for a special Training meeting for sites missionaries at the Kirtland Temple. We were so beside ourselves when he first called and told us (lets just say it came at a very opportune moment on a hard day!) So we drove down tonight and get to stay for the meeting in the morning! When we first saw the sign 'Historic Kirtland Visitor's Center' we screamed! We have missed this place so much, I don't even know how I am going to be able to leave it at the end of my mission. We got here a bit early and ran around visiting everyone we haven't seen for sooo long! We surprised the Pikes (I love her so much) and they filled us in on the hilarious happenings that have been going on:) Then we went to get set up for the night on the couches at the Boynton, We ended up just chatting and catching up with all of the sisters that were there. It was wonderful!"
    Friday-"Today was crazy!!!! Elder Sorenson went 20 mins over and so we then were so stressed out because it made us super late to zone training meeting! AHH! We were insane! But it turned out okay....Dinner with the Amish was Fabulous...they are so cool! I love them! #bestbudswithamish#
      Saturday- "Today was weird. Sis. Coontz woke up with a really bad head cold/body aches we canceled our appointments and stayed inside. She slept a lot while I tried really hard to stay busy...I tried to study and be productive but well...I had to take a few cleaning breaks to do something different. So our apartment is super clean now!"
      Sunday-"Another sick day with Sis. Coontz. We made it to church but that was a mistake so then we just came home. We had some surprise visitors though! I took a tiny nap during our lunch break and just after I had woken up the doorbell rings (for the record I think that doorbell has been rung about 2 times since I have lived here) I was so surprised, went to the door, opened it and just stared at the person standing there for like 20 seconds....I just was so surprised! It was Tonya (member from the Perry ward) and Maryanna (Member of the Chardon Branch) Two of my most favorite people in the world! They came to visit me and I felt soooo special!!! They are the best and seriously made my day! We had such a good time chatting and catching up for a while! Sis. Coontz came out and met them and it was just blissful!"
     And that brings us to today! A few other highlights... 1) our lesson with our investigator Elissia, She lives with some less actives and doesn't know much about the church. When we taught the Book of Mormon she was asking us all sorts of awesome questions and was really interested in Joseph Smith's story. She said "I have a lot of time on my hands so I definitely will study up:)" She is coming along and we are so excited! 2) Was after our lesson with Christina. We have been trying to get her to church for awhile and while she told us she couldn't come the next Sunday she did say "but the next one, the 16th will work." She committed and then when her husband came home she asked him in front of us "Hey I told them we will come to church next Sunday. Is that okay?" THEN, We told them we could get them a ride because while they have a car they don't have a license, but later this week she texted us and said "Hey I asked the McAdoos (members in our ward that they know) and they can give us a ride to church:)" AHH! They are going to come and from there they really will start progressing! I love my mission and I LOVE Sis. Coontz:)
    Missions are so cool! I love you all and look forward to hearing from you! Transfers are coming up next week! I always get so nervous! I hate suspense! Have a fabulous week everybody!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dear family and friends,

    We are learning so much being full proselyting! It is really helping us learn how to work hard and be the best missionaries we can be (not that we are there yet...always sooo much room for improvement!:) But we have so enjoyed the opportunity! We miss Kirtland so much though. That place is just so special! The other day we were lamenting to each other about how much we miss Kirtland. It was just going to be a hard day and we were a little down about things.Well a few minutes later while we were studying our phone rings and Sis. Coontz looks at me with a wide eyed dear in the headlights kinda look and says "gasp...its Elder Sorenson!" (our sites director whom we assumed had fallen of the face of the earth) After staring at each other for a few seconds trying to process we finally snapped back into it and both dive for the phone (it was on the floor for some reason :) We answer. "Hello this is Sis. Coontz and Sis. Newren!" and wait (at this point I am terrified that he just called us by accident or something!) then suddenly and almost surrealy Elder Sorenson, from the foreign land of Kirtland, is talking to us and extending a invitation to us for a special training meeting they are having at the Kirtland Temple! I screamed "WAHOOO" from across the room (I couldn't help it!) We just are SO excited to be able to go to Kirtland again, it feels like it has been forever!!!!! It was such a Tender Mercy because we had literally been JUST talking about how much we missed Kirtland and how we still wouldn't be able to go in forever! But now we get to go this Thursday, sleep over with all the other sisters and then stay for the meeting in the morning! I am SO excited!
      Anyways, we found 3 new investigators this week and are really excited to be teaching them. Its a 3 generations family the Grandma, Mom, daughter (and a granddaughter) that we are teaching and they were really open to us last time so we are feeling really good about them!
     One Miracle we saw this week was with our investigator Michelle and her kids. She has 5 kids and no car so it has been a challenge trying to figure out how to get them to church. Well so Saturday we decided we need to add that to our prayer list (that Michelle would be able to get a car) and that same day we had a lesson with them and she told us that she is going to buy a van with her tax returns!!!!! Ah! It was awesome! We are so excited to be able to help this family find the truth. They are SO CLOSE!!!!!!!
     There is also a Less Active family we are working with who is getting a much needed car with their tax returns....I suddenly have a new found appreciation for tax season!
   Sis. Coontz and I have been discussing at great length how we can be more exactly obedient and decided that what we need to do is get a life size card board cut out of Jesus, Pres. Monson and Pres. Vellinga for our apartment and just put them all around our study/workout room and we would NEVER do anything wrong with all three of them watching! haha!! Seriously though, I wish we could do it!
      So at Church this week we got roped into teaching the 8-11 year old girls Sunday school class last minute, we were of course happy to do it and somehow convinced Sis. Wilpula to come help us (the single sister in our ward whom we love...served a mission at temple square) Then we get in there and apparently 5 of the teachers didn't come so they had to give us the boys too! So we had a crazy class! It was awesome though! We were talking about how important it is to follow the prophet and one of the boys say "I know a story about that....There was this boy who didn't believe in following the prophet and thought he was really dumb and old and then he was in the woods one day and got eaten by a bear!" hahaha ha ha (nervous laughter)   "um follow the prophet:)..or we might get eaten by a bear!"
      Kids are the best!  Their are two girls in that class who's names are Taylor and Hannah Which are Sis. Coontz and I's first names:) And naturally they look just like us:)
Later we heard them down the hall telling one of their moms "The dark haired one is Hannah and the Blonde is TAYLOR!!!!!!" It was so funny!
    I better get going but I love you all! God Speed!  Challenge: Laugh today. I just read an article about how important it is to laugh in stressful situations! So....lighten up!!!! HAHA!!!! It is so fun!

            Love your favorite Sister Missionary ever!!!!!!!!!