Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring are you there?!

Hello Everybody!!!! Guess what?! I have officially been out for 8 months! Which half way point is just around the corner. I think I will hit it the second or third week of April because with the way transfers fall I am most likely going to be gypped a few weeks:( Isn't that crazy though?!?!? I feel like I just got here!!

     Well was a pretty typical week. Which equals AWESOME! Because pretty much every week on a mission is awesome, even if its hard. I say that because when you get to the end of the week, even if you felt like crap the whole week, You still can look back and see how far you have come and what the Lord helped you accomplish when you couldn't go any further. And It truly is amazing. God is so good!
       Monday we saw Barb for the last time. She's one that we had to give up to the Elders when we rearranged our boundaries, Which was several weeks ago, And we keep setting up appointments so that the Elders can come and we can have one more lesson with her to say goodbye and introduce her, The appointments have been canceled several times though and we finally got one more set up and because of some miscommunication the Elders didn't come! GAH! So we just shared our favorite scriptures with her, Testified and told her the Elders would be teaching her from now on. So the hand off didn't go as smoothly as we hoped but its all good.  It was nice to see her one more time.
       Tuesday we were on fire! It was such a good day! We got 2 Lessons with a member present, 2 other lessons, 1 new investigator, 1 Less active lesson and 1 member lesson. Awesome day for our area! One of those lessons was with Brian, (the Blind guy in Conneaut, as he always says when he calls us:) Walking up to his house we realized we have never had a lesson with him all by ourselves, We always see him when we are out with the Banks or Sis. Braden or another member. So suddenly we were slightly terrified! He is a hoot, don't get me wrong. He just is a hard one to teach. Because he is blind, he listens really intently and will call you out if you make the slightest mistake or say one thing wrong. He's not mean about it, He just likes to get really deep into things and is super inquisitive and if you don't have the spirit with you, you just can't measure up to his high expectations! Good thing we do have the spirit!!! The lesson actually went really well. He got off topic a few times but we pulled him back in. We realized though that he pretty much has the mindset of a Jehovah Witness...We were teaching the Plan of Salvation and he brought of the scripture from Revelations about only 144,000 making it to heaven (oh gosh). Well definitely going to have to make sure he understands that one better. It was a really good lesson though. He is such a character!
       Wednesday nothing really exciting happened, just went around teaching and testifying and inviting!
    Thursday we had a really good day with the Banks, at least the first half of it was good. We had dinner with Bro. Harper (which is always an adventure), Then, we were so excited for our next appointment which was with the referral we received last week. He totally flamed us though (wasn't home) Grrrr... I am praying he just forgot, He really is so awesome and I pray, pray, and pray m that he stays interested! 
      Friday was a bit of a flop day, we were really struggling that morning (had a huge melt down actually, we are calling it our "mid-mission crisis" :)  It was bad, But our saving grace was going to Sis. Braden's, Our only appointment that afternoon (which we had all lined up with their home teachers rushing home from work to come with us and everything!) canceled a half hour before (which is right when we were all on our way over) then we were really stressed out! But we had a stroke of inspiration hit that told us to call Sis. Braden, We asked if we could practice one of our Lessons with her and then help her with any service she needed. She told us "Come on over!" and put us to work. It was just what we needed. Sis. Braden is THE most amazing member of the church! She is the most energetic and cheerful grandma I know and LOVES missionary work, Pretty sure she would have served a billion missions by now if she wasn't still tied down with her nonmember husband (he lives in a nursing home nearby). So instead she is serving a family history mission right here in our ward comes out with us missionaries whenever she can! She is going straight to the Celestial Kingdom. I love her.
        Saturday was weird but ended with a women's social and the broadcast so that made up for everything! It was an amazing evening and one of the Less, Actives we have been working with surprised us and came! It was a miracle! She loved it though and Cried through every song.
        Sunday we had a great time at church. Sis. Coontz had to speak and was so nervous about it but did an awesome job, Then for Relief Society we had a combined 5th Sunday meeting all about Family History! I LOVE Family History, We try to find a little bit of time here and there to get more familiar with it so we can help investigators but its few and far in between. I can't wait until I can devote more time to it when I get home.
    We then had a missionary correlation meeting with our ward mission leader at the cast guard station where he works. He has been gone for a few weeks so it was good to see him again and catch him up with what has been going on.  He gave the new Elder such a rough time...poor Elder. It was funny, but we had to rebuke him a little after for it "Hey, be nice to the new Elder!!" haha  he was like "Whaat? What did I do?" Yeah right Bro. Hamilton. (ps, He is a pretty young guy and likes to joke around with us a lot, So lest you think I am disrespecting my elders or anything, just know, you have to be able to hold your own around Bro. Hamilton... Military guy ya know.)
         We had dinner that night with The Rossiter''s it wasn't done yet when we got there so we started playing some games with the little girls, well, Abby really really, really wanted to play Hide and seek so we finally agreed (is that allowed?) and ran off to hide. Sis. Coontz and I realized we aren't as small as we used to be and I pretty much ended up sitting in her lap while we squished into a teeny corner. Haha, We didn't last long in that game.
      And that brings us to today! Which is going to be a good one! Missionary work really is so fun! I hope you all take the time to make sure people know you are Mormon and to openly talk about it and invite people! It gets easier the more you do it I promise! One thing I realized this week is that you really find the most happiness in life when you choose to live in the moment. It doesn't come from looking back, it doesn't come from obsessing about the future. Its what you are doing RIGHT NOW that matters the most. So, Everyone go have an awesome day, Do something selfless! Go stop by the people you visit/home teach just to say hi! Go donate blood or Index or clean the house for your mom without being asked. Your day will be an extraordinary one I can promise you that. I love you all!

          God is sooo good to us!

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