Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fun times and sick days

 It was a pretty normal week for us...just running around trying to save souls!
 So to make this a little more interesting I am just going to do some quotes from my journal for every day this week...ready go..
   Monday- "After emailing we went out to 'Mugs' (apparently its the place to go in town) but when we walked in their was a big sign that says 'cash or check only' (typical Jefferson) So we went across the street to 'Deli in the Rye' It was a really cute small town sandwich place with 3 old grandmas cooking the food in the kitchen in back. I had a Reuban that was delish. We had such a great time! Bro. Harper called us and said he invited his Amish Friends over for dinner on Friday! So we get to meet some Amish! Wahoo! It is going to be an awesome week. I just fell asleep like 4 times while writing this though so I better go to sleep."
    Tuesday-"Saw the Moleks today (less active family) I love the Moleks! They are SOOO funny! They got the cutest little puppy name pudgy...so tiny!"
    Wednesday-"I just want to MAKE people come to church and keep commitments!!! But I can't..sigh... stupid Satin making everybody lazy...NOT COOL!"
    Thursday-"We are at Kirtland right now!!! I think I might die of Happiness!!!! Elder Sorenson got special permission from Pres. Vellinga for us to come in for a special Training meeting for sites missionaries at the Kirtland Temple. We were so beside ourselves when he first called and told us (lets just say it came at a very opportune moment on a hard day!) So we drove down tonight and get to stay for the meeting in the morning! When we first saw the sign 'Historic Kirtland Visitor's Center' we screamed! We have missed this place so much, I don't even know how I am going to be able to leave it at the end of my mission. We got here a bit early and ran around visiting everyone we haven't seen for sooo long! We surprised the Pikes (I love her so much) and they filled us in on the hilarious happenings that have been going on:) Then we went to get set up for the night on the couches at the Boynton, We ended up just chatting and catching up with all of the sisters that were there. It was wonderful!"
    Friday-"Today was crazy!!!! Elder Sorenson went 20 mins over and so we then were so stressed out because it made us super late to zone training meeting! AHH! We were insane! But it turned out okay....Dinner with the Amish was Fabulous...they are so cool! I love them! #bestbudswithamish#
      Saturday- "Today was weird. Sis. Coontz woke up with a really bad head cold/body aches etc...so we canceled our appointments and stayed inside. She slept a lot while I tried really hard to stay busy...I tried to study and be productive but well...I had to take a few cleaning breaks to do something different. So our apartment is super clean now!"
      Sunday-"Another sick day with Sis. Coontz. We made it to church but that was a mistake so then we just came home. We had some surprise visitors though! I took a tiny nap during our lunch break and just after I had woken up the doorbell rings (for the record I think that doorbell has been rung about 2 times since I have lived here) I was so surprised, went to the door, opened it and just stared at the person standing there for like 20 seconds....I just was so surprised! It was Tonya (member from the Perry ward) and Maryanna (Member of the Chardon Branch) Two of my most favorite people in the world! They came to visit me and I felt soooo special!!! They are the best and seriously made my day! We had such a good time chatting and catching up for a while! Sis. Coontz came out and met them and it was just blissful!"
     And that brings us to today! A few other highlights... 1) our lesson with our investigator Elissia, She lives with some less actives and doesn't know much about the church. When we taught the Book of Mormon she was asking us all sorts of awesome questions and was really interested in Joseph Smith's story. She said "I have a lot of time on my hands so I definitely will study up:)" She is coming along and we are so excited! 2) Was after our lesson with Christina. We have been trying to get her to church for awhile and while she told us she couldn't come the next Sunday she did say "but the next one, the 16th will work." She committed and then when her husband came home she asked him in front of us "Hey I told them we will come to church next Sunday. Is that okay?" THEN, We told them we could get them a ride because while they have a car they don't have a license, but later this week she texted us and said "Hey I asked the McAdoos (members in our ward that they know) and they can give us a ride to church:)" AHH! They are going to come and from there they really will start progressing! I love my mission and I LOVE Sis. Coontz:)
    Missions are so cool! I love you all and look forward to hearing from you! Transfers are coming up next week! I always get so nervous! I hate suspense! Have a fabulous week everybody!

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