Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dear family and friends,

    We are learning so much being full proselyting! It is really helping us learn how to work hard and be the best missionaries we can be (not that we are there yet...always sooo much room for improvement!:) But we have so enjoyed the opportunity! We miss Kirtland so much though. That place is just so special! The other day we were lamenting to each other about how much we miss Kirtland. It was just going to be a hard day and we were a little down about things.Well a few minutes later while we were studying our phone rings and Sis. Coontz looks at me with a wide eyed dear in the headlights kinda look and says "gasp...its Elder Sorenson!" (our sites director whom we assumed had fallen of the face of the earth) After staring at each other for a few seconds trying to process we finally snapped back into it and both dive for the phone (it was on the floor for some reason :) We answer. "Hello this is Sis. Coontz and Sis. Newren!" and wait (at this point I am terrified that he just called us by accident or something!) then suddenly and almost surrealy Elder Sorenson, from the foreign land of Kirtland, is talking to us and extending a invitation to us for a special training meeting they are having at the Kirtland Temple! I screamed "WAHOOO" from across the room (I couldn't help it!) We just are SO excited to be able to go to Kirtland again, it feels like it has been forever!!!!! It was such a Tender Mercy because we had literally been JUST talking about how much we missed Kirtland and how we still wouldn't be able to go in forever! But now we get to go this Thursday, sleep over with all the other sisters and then stay for the meeting in the morning! I am SO excited!
      Anyways, we found 3 new investigators this week and are really excited to be teaching them. Its a 3 generations family the Grandma, Mom, daughter (and a granddaughter) that we are teaching and they were really open to us last time so we are feeling really good about them!
     One Miracle we saw this week was with our investigator Michelle and her kids. She has 5 kids and no car so it has been a challenge trying to figure out how to get them to church. Well so Saturday we decided we need to add that to our prayer list (that Michelle would be able to get a car) and that same day we had a lesson with them and she told us that she is going to buy a van with her tax returns!!!!! Ah! It was awesome! We are so excited to be able to help this family find the truth. They are SO CLOSE!!!!!!!
     There is also a Less Active family we are working with who is getting a much needed car with their tax returns....I suddenly have a new found appreciation for tax season!
   Sis. Coontz and I have been discussing at great length how we can be more exactly obedient and decided that what we need to do is get a life size card board cut out of Jesus, Pres. Monson and Pres. Vellinga for our apartment and just put them all around our study/workout room and we would NEVER do anything wrong with all three of them watching! haha!! Seriously though, I wish we could do it!
      So at Church this week we got roped into teaching the 8-11 year old girls Sunday school class last minute, we were of course happy to do it and somehow convinced Sis. Wilpula to come help us (the single sister in our ward whom we love...served a mission at temple square) Then we get in there and apparently 5 of the teachers didn't come so they had to give us the boys too! So we had a crazy class! It was awesome though! We were talking about how important it is to follow the prophet and one of the boys say "I know a story about that....There was this boy who didn't believe in following the prophet and thought he was really dumb and old and then he was in the woods one day and got eaten by a bear!" hahaha ha ha (nervous laughter)   "um follow the prophet:)..or we might get eaten by a bear!"
      Kids are the best!  Their are two girls in that class who's names are Taylor and Hannah Which are Sis. Coontz and I's first names:) And naturally they look just like us:)
Later we heard them down the hall telling one of their moms "The dark haired one is Hannah and the Blonde is TAYLOR!!!!!!" It was so funny!
    I better get going but I love you all! God Speed!  Challenge: Laugh today. I just read an article about how important it is to laugh in stressful situations! So....lighten up!!!! HAHA!!!! It is so fun!

            Love your favorite Sister Missionary ever!!!!!!!!!

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