Monday, July 28, 2014

Coolest Summer Ever!

    Helloooo Utah....
           So, in case y'all haven't been very observant of the weather out here..I do believe it has been the coolest summer I have ever lived through. Weird. I was so expecting to be dripping with sweat all June/July/August but so far we have only had like 2 or 3 really hot days where I can even feel the humidity. Its been so nice! Most of July I have actually worn a cardigan everywhere. That's how cool it is. I have hopes that it will maybe get warmer in August but so far I am living the mildest summer of my life. I love it though. It has been raining a ton here, like cats and dogs folks, cats and dogs!!! Yesterday we had to pull over because it was raining SO hard and we got all sorts of flash flood warnings, Tornado warnings and the like. Sis. Mertlich and I keep hoping it will actually happen. I just really want to see a tornado before I leave here.  Not a really intense one, Just a baby one. We were sitting in the parking lot waiting for the rain to lighten up a bit and for a second we had ourselves convinced that the clouds were starting to swirl! Then Sis. Mertlich breaks out her vast meteorology knowledge(she took one class:) and begins to tell me how such and such is a sign of a tornado....haha We were hopeful for awhile there but it just wasn't meant to be.
        Have I told you how much I love Sis. Mertlich??? I am so grateful we get to be together for another transfer. I am learning so much from her. This week was awesome. We have had it rough for a few weeks. Just not much time in our area with Kirtland being so busy and all of our investigators are ignoring us and we felt like we haven't had a new investigator for a few weeks!!! But yesterday, Satan tried to do all he could get us to give up (we just were both having a bad day) but we kept going and ended up on a street where we made two stop bys we have been meaning to get to for weeks and it was such a miracle! One we have an appointment with for this week and the other one is now our new investigator!!! Her name is Nana and she is 81 years old and the funniest black lady ever! She adopted us already as her children so we are pretty much tight already. She is going to read the Book of Mormon this week. Such a miracle. I love those days when you know you really can't do it. You don't even have the motivation or desire to get out of the car... so you just give it all over to God and He makes it the best day EVER!!!!
           We also finally got a hold of our investigator D. We are seeing her tonight and are so excited. She is golden if she would just stop being so flaky with appointments. But its going to happen I have the faith!!!!
       One of the best moments this week was when Sis. Wagner (a less active/recent convert family we are working with) came into Relief Society. She said her mother (who they live with temporarily...its a really bad situation) kept telling her "why would you go to church you are already so late...there is no point now". But she said "I just had to come. Even if we were late. I need this, my kids need this!" She then excitedly told us how she has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying everyday this week, She said she put scriptures up all over her walls and she showed us her notebook where she has been taking notes on what she learns as she is reading and she kept going on and on about how clear her mind has been this week and she said "I feel like I haven't been making the best decisions recently but this week as I have been reading I have had the strength to make those good choices!" She was so excited about how much it has helped her. She is one of my favorite people in the world. There family is going through a really rough time and we are doing all we can to help them and yet often I don't feel like we can even make a dent in really helping them. But seeing her be able to apply it to her life. To claim those blessings of the gospel for herself and her family has been so amazing! They are so awesome! Her son Earnest really wants to go on a mission so we have been trying to help him prepare for that. They are such a special family. It suddenly hit me yesterday that I now only have like 5 weeks to work with them in this area. It is almost for sure that I am getting transferred next transfer and that makes me so sad!!! Its still a while away but time just goes so fast and it is the hardest thing to move on a trust that there will be just as much joy and fulfillment in serving the next ward I am assigned to. Mission's are the best thing ever! I can't believe how much I am learning and changing and growing and becoming better. God is SO good. I don't know how He got me here but I am eternally grateful that He did.
       This week I had to say good bye to my mama in the mission field ( trainer), Sis. Jones. She actually trained Sis. Mertlich as well so it was a double wammy for us. Plus all of the other sisters that left with her we were pretty close to so it just was really hard to see them go! We love them so much! The new sisters are awesome but things are just so different around here all of the sudden! But, as Elder Sorenson would say "we just keep moving onward and upward" sigh....Sometimes I love change and sometimes I really hate it.
        I keep forgetting that this week I hit my year mark...can you believe it has been that long??????! Crazy.
        I hope you all are having a good week! Congratulations Katie and Jake on having your baby girl!!!! I am an Auntie again!!!!!! Friday was the best day of my life when I got Lizzy's letter about the birth! So excited to meet her!!! Don't let her grow any while I am gone!
               Love you all!!!!
                         Go to Heaven! 
                                    Sis. Hannah Newren


 pictures are with two of the wagner kids. Shantiniece and Jordan:) Aren't they so adorable!