Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year!

Good Morning!!!
  Its finally snowing here and it came too late for a white Christmas so now everyone is just grumpy about it! haha...its really funny. Its still really pretty but it is starting to get really cold so it makes it hard to want to do anything outside. Typical Ohio though...crazy weather:)
    Well by far the best part about this week was Ryan's baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was AWESOME! Seriously so good. So many people from the Wadsworth ward and our branch were there to support him. Sis. Smith and I had to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to get to the church and fill the font up before 9am. It was a little crazy but fun. We just were hanging out in the church. Doing our hair, baking cookies for the baptism etc..:) haha, such a good day. It really was a beautiful service. The talks were all excellent. The musical number was incredible and then Ryan had his friend Harry baptize him and it was so great!! Its the friend the first invited him to come to church, Harry himself is a returning Less Active member so it has been really special for them both to be able to strengthen each other. When they were doing the baptism I was panicking inside for a half a second...Ryan hadn't gotten there early enough to do a practice run with them and I was so worried Harry didn't know how to place Ryan's hands, would he say his full name? etc...well It was so funny, Harry gets in that font, grabs Ryan's shoulders, positions him right where he wants him, slaps Ryan's hands down on his arms right where he wants them, raises hand, says the prayer and dunks him....it was so fast!!!  I was trying so hard not to laugh, He just knew exactly what he was doing and it was perfect!! Then Ryan comes up looking totally confused and Harry just gives him a big bear hug. Oh it was so good. They were adorable. Best baptism ever!  Then he got confirmed the next day in church. It was so wonderful! Then exactly an hour after he had officially become a member of the church the Branch President pulls him out of class and interviews him to receive the Aaronic priesthood! Whew..wasting no time there! After we went to church at the Chardon branch we got to go with Ryan to the Singles Branch in Cleveland. Then after we went to dinner with him over to the Branch President's house. It was the perfect day! He is going to be such a strong member! I am just so happy for him!!!
     We had the best lesson ever with the Drabek's this week. New Year's eve was Sis. Drabek's Birthday. We didn't want to intrude on their family time but it was the only day we could meet with them so we texted them and they were like "even if we did already had plans you would be more then welcome because you are family!!' It was so sweet. So we ended up meeting up with them at Bro. Drabek's office, He is Massage therapist and has the coolest office EVER. It was soooooo relaxing! Meditation music was on, a diffuser was in the corner diffusing essential oils into the air. It was so pretty and It took a lot of will power not to just plop down on one of the massage beds and take a nap!!! I was in heaven! So they had Pizza waiting for us and we had a grand ol' time talking with them about essential oils and health and all my favorite things! It was such a good little new years eve party. Then we had a lesson on the priesthood, Bro. Drabek will be ordained with the Aaronic Priesthood this coming Sunday. So cool, they are moving right along and loving it! The told us that their little girl Lorelei was watching a movie with them and hear them say the name "Joseph" and she says "JOSEPH SMITH?!! are they talking about Joseph Smith mom?!"  haha so cute. She loves church so much! She can't wait to get baptized in July when she turns 8!

      New Years day we got to go to Mission Leadership Council.  I can't think of a cooler way to start off the New year then that. It was awesome. We talked all about this new year and how to help the mission do better this year than last. It was such an inspiring meeting. It broke my heart to leave though, That was my last Mission Leadership council. I am so so SO grateful I have been privileged to be a part of so many MLC's and have learned so much through being able to serve as a Sister Training Leader.     

      Yesterday we then had Zone Training Meeting. It went really well. I love being able to meet together with our whole zone. Sis. Smith and I did a discussion on Exact Obedience and played a little jeopardy game with them. It was so fun and such a good reminder that exact obedience is doable and that God blesses us so abundantly when we try so hard to obey the rules and commandments and our covenants with exactness.
      After some of us went out Burgerfi, its the yummiest burger joint around. I got the most ginormous onion rings and a key lime concrete. They basically stick a piece of Key lime pie in a cup with Vanilla Custard. Its the most delicious thing ever!
    So they were late getting us transfer info again. We were so anxious Sunday night waiting to hear who was getting transferred. They never called...oh the suspense!!! Finally after Zone Training Meeting ended the Zone Leaders said "hey we have a missed call from the Assistants to the President......(they pause to listen to the voicemail)...Sister Finlinson and Sister Newren you are both getting transferred. Outzoned...." Sigh...I pretty much was expecting it but its still so sad.  Its hard to be leaving Chardon!!! This really is such a special area and I have so enjoyed being a Sister Training Leader and being able to help in some small way the sisters here.  I have made so many close friends and grown to really love the people here. I know my mission president is inspired though and I trust that God is putting me where he needs me for my last transfer. I think this change will really help me to work hard and keep pushing myself up until the very end.
     So, today I get to spend the day packing...yippee!....not. It will be good though. Wish me luck, the adventures never end! Talk to you next week!
            BYE LOVE YOU!!!!