Monday, April 28, 2014

Change is good right?!

So....This has been the most suspenseful transfer call of my life!!!!! I will just tell you quick because its the only thing I can think about. I don't even remember what happened this week so it may be a really short email.
         Blah...okay. So Transfers are this week and that means we get the transfer call (to tell us if either of us are getting transferred) Monday night. Because its transfer week everyone's preparation day gets switched to Tuesday. So that way we all know before our pday so we can pack if we are getting transferred. But, Since we are scheduled to serve at Kirtland on Tuesday that means our Preparation day is today which means they would call us Sunday night. So we were really excited and nervous and going a little bit crazy as the time got closer and closer. Well, we finish planning, anxiously get ready for bed and start writing in our journals, Waiting any second for our District Leader to call. Now, Up till this point we always have fun trying to play the "transfer game" Where we try to predict who is getting transferred and where to. Now this would be impossible in a normal mission but as us sites sisters stay in the same area's around Kirtland we can sometimes get it right. Well There are still tons of options so its just fun to all see if we can figure out what is most likely to happen. Well we have two sisters going home this transfer and both of them are Sister Training Leaders which means they had to call two new ones. Everybody kept telling me they thought I was going to be the next Kirtland Sister Training Leader (their area is actually called Shaker Heights East but they are in charge of coordinating things at Kirtland as well as normal sister training leader responsibilities) Or "Kirtland Queens" as we all affectionately call them:) Well Of course there is no way so I just would brush it off whenever anyone said anything. It really is silly that we obsess over transfers, Its not like we can really figure it out. Its all based on revelation. Anyways. So here we are anxiously awaiting the call Sunday night and it never comes! We text our sister training leaders and our district leader who said he was still waiting on the zone leaders who said they were waiting on the AP's. We eventually got told (at 10:40pm)  we would find out in the morning..Well we tried to sleep, Got ready in the morning, headed over to district meeting, got all the way through district meeting and Elder Carr (our DL) had still not heard. Well District meeting gets over and we all get up to put our chairs away, chatting away and all of the sudden Elder Carr just looks at his phone and blurts out "Oh Sis. Newren you are getting out-zoned" We all just stop in our tracks and I think I almost fainted! Sis. Coontz and I just look at each other and I just wanted to cry. I made her give me a hug. We complained for a minute "wait, What??? I can't believe you just blurted that out! Are you SURE, let me see that text, I can't believe it. I can't leave!!!!"  yeah it was rough. And pretty hilarious. We then went out for breakfast as a district and the whole time I don't think it really hit me. It probably won't till Transfer meeting. So Sis. Coontz and I were still recovering from that shock. We came to the library to email, and somebody had texted us so Sis. Coontz was getting back to them when suddenly she looks at me with panic in her eyes, I look at the phone and President Vellinga is calling. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!! We were freaking out! He only calls if something big is happening! Well yep. Shoot, We run out of the library and answer and he asks to speak with me alone. So I take it off speaker and he says
      "Sis. Newren, You two have been doing amazing work out there. You are two of the finest missionaries and I really hate to split you up but I need to transfer you."
      "okay" (already knew that so no surprise)
      " I want you to be a Sister Training you accept the call?" (Biggest shock of my life...whaaaaaaattt???? I feel like I just finished training!!!!!)
      " ......of course President" (AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!)
     "Thank you, I trust you to be a good example"
      "I will do my best President" (what am I supposed to say to that????! also....still in a bit of a stupor at this point)
      "good, Alright, Let me talk with both of you now.....Sis. Coontz I just called your companion to be a Sister Training Leader."  (she laughs and says "President I think you are just having me train Sister Training Leaders:)" Her other companion got called to be a Sister training leader too..might actually be the one I end up being with)
      "Okay, The Ashtabula East area is going to stop being Full proselyting now. We need you back at Kirtland"
     "okay, sounds good"
     " Alright, Thank you Sisters for all you do!"
                  And that was pretty much it! And I am still freaking out! Sigh....I know it will be good for me, I just really don't feel up to par. So pretty much the most likely option is that I will end up being the Kirtland Sister Training Leader, There is one other option but we won't find out for sure until Wednesday at transfer meetings. Yup, Still recovering. Now I am just praying really hard that I will live up to God's expectations.
   Well, we had an amazing week, We got to milk goats with 4 of the cutest Amish kids!!!! They were so adorable! Rebecca is 13 and was so pretty and capable, She showed us how to do it and was really good at ordering us all around! The three younger boys, Eli, Andy and Henry just stared at us mostly and eagerly crowded around us whenever we snapped a picture. They can't have pictures taken of them but they were whenever we took one of us they were all like "oooh that is a nice one!" haha, So cute!
       After Church on Sunday we had a Linger longer/potluck with the whole ward to say goodbye to the Banks, It was so bittersweet, So fun to be with everybody but so sad because we knew it was likely goodbye for us too.
       Well I need to go pack asap so I will have to talk to you later. I have no idea about what time to skype on Mothers day because it will all depend on my new ward and companion. So let me know what times would be good. I love you all! Have a fabulous week!
“Never assume that you can make it alone. You need the help of the Lord. Never hesitate to get on your knees in some private place and speak with Him.”
Oh..boy am I learning that this week. Change is good, change is good!


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