Monday, September 15, 2014


Hello hello!
     4 tornadoes swept in this week, they narrowly missed the area I was in at the time (we almost had to take shelter in a members basement...the sirens were blaring and she made us sit down and watch the weather report with her until it passed...haha it was adventurous!) Everything is fine though, except for in the aftermath the tornadoes brought in the cold weather. It has been so chilly, I feel like just yesterday was summer and suddenly I have had to don, Tights, boots, scarves and Sweaters! So crazy! I am not ready for it yet!

     I love serving in the Chardon Branch, we get to work really closely with the members which I love so much! In the Shaker Heights ward I felt really overwhelmed because there were so many members!!!  But here I have a goal to know everyone's name in the Branch!!! These next few months are going to be awesome! I love Sis. Nance so much! She is a breath of fresh air and is going to help me finish my mission out strong!!!! I love her! The Less Active we were bringing to theGladys Knight fireside canceled on us! We are so sad!!!!! We are praying that who ever needs to be there the most will be able to go though. We were able to give our tickets to some of the Chardon West Sisters investigators, Maybe there are the ones who really need to be there!
        We went to stake correlation last night (its a meeting with the 4 Zone Leaders and 4 Sister training leaders in the Kirtland Stake and our mission president and Stake President!)  It kinda felt like an auction when we started talking about tickets for the Fireside. President Vellinga and Bro. Packer were like "I need at least 10 for Saturday night, here are 6 for Friday....etc etc..." it was really funny! Tickets are so precious right now! The Saturday Night shows are completely sold out and we only have like 100 left for the Friday early show. The evening one is sold out too! and there are like 300 people in the Cleveland stake alone that are planning on going to wait in the Stand by line! Its so awesome! Everyone wants to come! Its going to be so packed! Sis. Nance and I did get asked to be 2 of the 12 assisting missionaries that get to help out at the Fireside though! SO that will be way fun! Basically we are going to be there all day Saturday and will hopefully get to see some of the show. They AP's said we will be getting home really probably after midnight. That is so weird as a missionary.
       President Haymond also got to preview the "Meet the Mormons" movie. He said "this is going to be just as big, if not bigger for this area then the SUV and Gladys Knight Fireside" So COOL! The work truly is hastening!
        We were able to take some really cool people on tour this last week, We are all sad because the business of summer is gone, only a few people trickle in at a time now. But I love it too because it means we get to spend more time with them. In the Summer tours are like an hour because there are so many people, But now if it feels right and they ask lots of questions we have had tours that last up to 3 hours! Its so much fun to be able to really get to know them. One man we took on tour was so touched, He was from Scotland and when we got to the School of the Prophets he said "I have a lot of siblings back home who would do anything to be here right now!" He then asked if he could offer a prayer of gratitude. It was the sweetest thing! He was so sincere. It was one of the most spiritual moments I have ever had in the School of the Prophets, hearing this humble man with a Scottish brogue plead with the Lord to bless us, bless his ward back home in Scotland, bless all those he knew that were struggling with ill health etc. I am so grateful for being on a mission. "Thank you little black name tag, for giving me license to have beautiful and intimate experiences with complete strangers" (Elder Christofferson's CES Fireside Last night)
       Yesterday was a busy busy Sunday. We had that Stake Meeting and then also were asked to stay and help with the Kirtland Missionary Academy. Its basically like a Mission Prep class for the youth of the stake. It was really neat, We just help them role play a lot and talked about missionary work. Then after that there was a fireside at the Visitors center. The Bishop of the Kirtland Ward spoke. He shared his conversion story and it was so powerful! Patar (my former investigator who got baptized recently) came and bore his testimony too! It was SO AWESOME!!!!!! And then the night just kept getting better and better! We went over to the Robins house and got to watch the CES Fireside with them and the other sisters in our branch and with the Pikes (another Senior Couple) while eating Ice cream! It was so cozy and homy! I loved it! And it was SUCH a good fireside!
        This morning I was reading in 2 Samuel, There was a lot of crazy warfare going on and it suddenly hit me, The root of all the problems and issues in the Bible and the World pretty much boils down to people being selfish. That is why Satan tries SO HARD to make it so that we are constantly focused on our wants and desires and greed and lusts. Its so sad! But God has a plan that perfectly counteracts that! Think about it! That is why Family is at the very foundation of God's plan for us. Because in families we learn how to sacrifice and serve and be Selfless, like Christ. I love the Gospel, I love this church and I love love love my family!!!   
           Well, I better be off. We won't get another pday until next wednesday so we have a lot to do! I hope and pray you all have a wonderful day! Don't forget to read your scriptures!
                          - Go to Heaven!

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