Monday, October 20, 2014

It's gettin' chilly!

  It is starting to get REALLY chilly here! This week it has been the PEAK as far as fall colors go. Its been beautiful but now all the leaves are starting to fall and winter is feeling like an all to familiar reality! Ugh. I hope I can make it one more winter here! I love Ohio and would totally move back one day if I didn't have to endure such harsh winters! Okay I will stop complaining now:)
        So its been an awesome week! WE GOT A NEW INVESTIGATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so pumped! His name is Ryan and he was a referral from the Wadsworth Elders. They called and said Ryan had shown up to church with his friend and loved it! We had our first lesson with him last friday and it went so well! We had a member with us and everything and he is so prepared! So, good things to come with Ryan!!
        Other then that we have been working a lot with members and are seeing some great miracles! One time in particular, we were practicing with an older couple in our ward who are preparing to go on a mission. We have asked them if we could just go through all the lessons with them like we were teaching a real investigator and they said sure. So we taught them an awesome Restoration lesson (which we planned and practiced really well for!) and after it was amazing to see how their level of trust went up and they start telling us about all these people they want to share the gospel with and this one friend they want to have us meet! It was amazing! I love working with members!
         Sis. Nance and I prayed we would receive some referrals from the Gladys Knight fireside and we didn't get any. BUT, its amazing to see how many referrals we have received from other sources since then! God had referrals for us, just not from Gladys Knight! It has been so cool to see that prayer answered though!
          Another miracle that happened was with Sis. Davis! She recently moved and really needed help to find a certain box that had some papers from 2008 in it. Well we searched all through her luck...went out to the storage unity and looked everywhere! Nothing...she was so distraught! So we decided we would all go home, pray about it and we promised her we would come back to help again in a few days. Well. The day came, We went out to the storage unit. Sis. Nance and I decided to switch sides to have a fresh pair of eyes looking on each side. Well....MIRACLE!!!! The 3rd box I picked up said "'08" on it! I gasped....I carefully peaked inside to see if it had papers did!!! I was then like " Hey Sis. Daaaavvvviiiisssss! I think I found it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Oh I have never seen that women happier! We all were on cloud nine! It seems like such a simple thing but it was such a miracle to us!
           God is so good! His hand truly is seen in every moment of our lives when we are working hard to be righteous and build the kingdom! 
        I LOVE my mission! Thank you thank you to EVERYONE of you who has worked so hard to help get me here and to support me this whole time. You are amazing. God loves you! Keep being righteous so we can go to heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh ps...Sis. Mertlich, one of my former companions went home yesterday. It was one of the saddest moments of my life saying bye to her! She is so dear to me. But her mission was up and her family needs her! So grateful to have served with her! Saying goodbye to former companions is the WORST. First it was Sis. Jones, then Sis. Johnson, now Sis. Mertlich and in just ONE MONTH Sis. Nance goes home! So sad! Good thing everyone comes back to Utah so I will get to see them again!!!!!!

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