Sunday, August 18, 2013

One more week here!!

Dear family and friends, 

Ah I have been so excited all week to write you! And now I can't even remember what I wanted to say! haha! um .....Well the devotional on Tuesday was awesome! I sang in the choir and it was broadcasted to all the other MTC's because Richard G. Scott spoke! He gave such a good talk on prayer and it was just what I needed and so sweet! It is so amazing how much you pray here! You just have to be completely dependant on the Spirit to be an effective missionary so every second of every day pretty much you are pleading with God! So that was cool! Oh we also got to take a field trip to Temple Square! Super fun! Visitors Center training started this week and it is pretty much the best thing EVER! I just feel so inspired and privaliged to be assigned to Kirtland and am so excited for the rest of this week and to finally get there! (P.s I will probably be calling around 4:30 or 5ish am on tuesdaymorning so you better wake up! I was thinking I would call home first and then maybe call Katie really quick...actually not sure if I remember the number...oh gosh, if you want to send it to me via dear elder I will probably get it in time Katie and could call you!) So yes vc training is pretty much epic! We have the best teachers! oh side note.. I think by the time I leave the mtc I will have had almost 18 different teachers! which we are assured is not normal...but kinda funny! I promise we were even a really well behave district, well the Elders struggled at times but for the most part, our teachers just keep leaving us! But it has also been a blessing to learn from so many different people I almost feel like I have learned more than I would have from just the 4 or so we should have had! 

    OH we also got to learn how to do the Chat sessions on! It was the funnest/neatest/bestest ever, thing I have done since I got here! I think just because it is actually real people! We talked to this man named Joseph and he was asking us awesome questions about eternal progression and families it was so cool to talk with him! I was so nervous, because they were hard questions and you just sit there thinking how in the world am I going to explain this simply to him, all the while knowing that if you take too long he might just end the chat session. He didn't though and he gave us his email address so we can chat with him again! I am so excited! If this is what it is like out in the field then BRING IT! Because it made me so happy! I was on such a high for the rest of the night! 

    The sisters in my room (so my comp Sis. Smith, and then Sis. Coontz and Sis. Pugh are all learning that hard song Power of Heaven for church this Sunday! It is taking us awhile to learn but it is a welcome distraction and we are hoping we can maybe sing it for our mission Pres. and his wife when we get to Ohio! Its so pretty! 

    hmmm....What else....I don't know I just am really happy and learning so much! I feel like I am finally getting the hang of staying super focused and how much God blesses you when you do! Our one distraction that gets us everytime is we LOVE asking our female teachers about their love lives! Its so fun, I think just because they are all so darling and we feel like we relate to them so much because even though they seem so much older and wiser, most of them have only gotten back from their missions within a year or two. Anyways we have had some great stories! Our favorite teacher, Sis Frost told us the sweetest story and is about to get engaged soon! She showed us a picture of her boy and they are THE cutest couple ever! She just tells us again and again, Hold out for the good boys girls! Look for those boys who still hold their missions sacred and were 100% God's missionaries while they were out there! then she tells us "now don't think about it again until you get home!" haha she is the best! 

 Well I better go but I love you all!!!! Have a fabulous day!!!!!
     Sis. Hannah Newren

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