Monday, August 26, 2013

My first week here!!!

I am here I am here I am here!!!!!  I can't believe it. Its so much like Wisconson and I absolutely adore it! So green and beautiful! And I can't even wait for fall because everyone keeps telling us were in for a treat! And Christmas is going to be here before we know it and they have a huge nativity/Creche exhibit at Kirtland and I just cant wait!!!! But now I am getting ahead of myself:) my apologies;)
Okay. The first few days were kinda killer. well, mostly I just feel bipolar, because seriously, one minute I am like "I need to get me on the first plane OUTTA here!!!!!" haha...and the next I am like "just kidding....I LOVE THIS!" Seriously though, I love it here, I know I am going to love my mission so much. It has been quite the adjustment. I think the hardest thing is, you go on a mission thinking "I love this gospel and of course I want to share it with people and of course I love missionary work...duh" and then you get out here and realize the actual "doing" part of it is kinda really HARD! But that's the beauty of it I am learning, It is hard, because, its concerning peoples salvation. But that doesn't mean God can't and wont help you fall in love with it. And that's what has been happening. Even in just the 5 days I have been here I can see myself beginning to fall in love with the process not just the subject of missionary work. And mostly that comes from meeting and loving the people. It was hardest at first because I knew and loved next to no one here. But now I love my companion and my mission president and Bro. Mejia and Mari. and That is my reason to stay for now:)
My companion is Sis. Jones, She is going to be a wonderful trainer for the next 11 weeks:) I was kinda worried at first because we are very different. But in learning more about her I am loving her more and more! and she loves my essential oils! Hallelujah! She has been out 6 months already so she knows a lot. It has been interesting though because we are actually opening up a new area and so we don't know ANYBODY! So we are just hunting down all the members and less actives and potentials in the area and praying praying praying for those prepared people in Perry to cross our path!
There are few members out here, In church on Sunday probably only 4 or 5 pews were kinda filled. But the area is on the verge of explosion I can feel it! Its been Kirtland was actually cursed for a time when the people kicked the saints out but when Pres Kimball came like 20 years back he actually lifted the curse. and it has been growing and growing slowly but surely ever since. I feel it is such a privilage to serve here. Especially in the Visitors Center. I love giving tours and I loving our Chat sessions with people on Just the other day we had Joseph come on, and he is SO PREPARED! He used to be athiest but he has been really studying religion and told us Christianity just made sense to him and so now he is just trying to decide which church he should join. I was practically jumping out of my seat when we were chatting with him. It just was so amazing!!!! I will keep you updated on him but I just know he is going to be a member someday. Another miracle. So yesterday after church we were starving and were on our way to a park to eat our lunch, last minute though we decided to just swing by this Less actives house, The Mejia's. His wife was only home so we chatted with here for a minute. She was super busy (she looked just like you mom, had a billion books everywhere laid out trying to prepare a lesson for school:) so we didn't stay longer than a few minutes on her porch but she did agree to let us call her and set up a time to come over. So we headed on down to the park. Started eating our lunch when this man pulls up, gets out of his car and comes up to us and says "what are the mormon missionaries doing at a park eating lunch on sunday?!" haha We were like "how do you know about the mormon's?" and he says " I am a mormon!" At first he wouldn't tell us his name but then we just got talking and find out, its Bro.Mejia!!!!! Ahhhhh! Miracle...I mean there is NO WAY that was coincidence. We talked with him for almost 2 hours! and had such a good time! He took a picture of us at the end, and just kept saying I really like talking with you girls:) He is an amazing person and has been through so much! (hurricane katrina, 5 heart attacks, heart transplant, medication nightmares..sheesh, his favorite sister dying of aids when she was only 25. Anyways he is amazing and I just know that its time for him to come back to church! Were gonna get him there! Ahhh Well I love you all! I have to go but thank you so much for all your letters and everything!!!! Your the best ever!!!!
Love, Sis. Hannah Newren
Historic Kirtland Visitors Center 7800 Kirtland-Chardon Road 44094 Kirtland Ohio.

p.s. I know my grammar and typing is horrible, but seriously I have to type so fast, so you can't judge me for the rest of my mission k?!
pps there is a road called rainbow street here! I placed two book of mormons so far!!!! wahoo! there is a prominant construction company called Howard Hanna I see their signs every where....its wierd!

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