Tuesday, September 3, 2013

2nd Week Here!

Dear family and friends,

Well today is LABOR DAY!!!!! Which means NOBODY WAS HOME LAST NIGHT!!!! argh.....we were like "were is everyone, why aren't they answering their doors!!!" and then we realized they were probably all camping...haha I have heard their are some great camping spots around here, Everyone keeps telling us we should go check them out and we just smiling and say, yea yea thats a great idea but in our heads "were missionaries....yeeeeaaaa maybe in 2 years:)" haha
Well the work is progressing! Slowly but surely! My area is called Perry but the actual town we cover is Painsville, great name right, and most of it is true to its name, pretty painful, its just really ghetto and sad in alot of places, OR we will start tracting down what looks like a good street and then when we start going up to houses and see them up close they are nasty...but We have found some awesome people so it doesn't even matter! Wierd side note, People really really struggle with cobwebs here, it is honestly more common here to walk up to a house, even really cute houses, and find them with cobwebs and leaves and bugs ALL OVER. I know I am just being a baby now, but it really is wierd! There are some areas up by the shore of Lake Erie that are just beautiful! Seriously, Prime real estate!
So I forget all what I have mentioned before so this all probably sounds really random, but here ya go:) My companion is awesome! Her name is Sis, Jones, Love here, We are becoming good friends, we are really different but being together 24/7 is pulling us closer together. She loves my Essential OIls so that is a relief! And calls me a witch doctor, but thats pretty much true so I don't argue. At district meeting the other day we were going around introducing our companions and saying what cartoon/animated movie character they would be, She said I was Luna or Professor Trelawney and I said she was the female version of Hiccup from How to train your dragon. So that gives you an idea of our relationship...haha we are perfect for eachtother!
We love our ward so much! There are actually 10 sets of missionaries in the ward right now! which is so amazing! 2 sets of sisters, 2 sets of Elders and a senior couple who I adore. And we are just going to go out and get those people reactivated and doing member missionary work!!!! Finding, people have been slow, Most every one we have met around here has been catholic. But We have some potentials that we are working with and in the mean time just tracting tracting tracting and PRAYING for referals! Member Missionary work is so important! Give those missionaries those referals! It just is the most effective way to do Gods work!
Well I better get going soon, I am sure I have forgotten a billion things I meant to tell you but I love you all! Keep writing me ! I miss you!
And Happy Labor Day!
Sister Hannah Newren

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