Monday, September 30, 2013

Hi everyone!

 MAAAAAAAN!!!!! I totally had everything almost all typed up and then accidentally discarded it (I used to be so bugged when ever computers ask you "are you sure you want to discard?" I just think "yes of course I do or I wouldn't be pushing the button duh"  Then the ONE TIME I completely on accident pushed it....IT JUST DELETED IT!!!!!! pshw...typical me, haha:)  ahhhh, sometimes I feel like I am literally losing my mind out here. Don't get me wrong. I love it and its awesome...but. Seriously, I have never had to think so hard and about so much in my whole life:)! I think that is one thing I really overlooked. I thought missionary work would be hard physically (walking/tracting/talking/teaching/serving all day etc.) BUT. really its hard mentally. BLEW MY MIND. There is just so much to think about and plan for and practice for and you're so emotionally tied to it all that you can't think straight anyways. And you're like living in two worlds because what your doing now is just so different then your life at home and you love it so much but, you just can't get away from all the other things/events/people that have made you who you are from before your mission. So you are just kinda half in half out between the two. I am sure the more my mission goes on the more I will be able to just focus on being here. But it certainly has been an adjustment... Its a crazy life. LOVE IT! 
    I can't even remember all what I said now in my other letter. Pretty sure it was all gushy missionary stuff usually plea for MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK!!!!!! and so on....but it....:)
      OH! I did get to watch the  Relief Society Broadcast at sites. SO GOOD! All that talk of Covenant Keeping made me want to go to the temple so bad! But then I realized, being a missionary is probably one of the best ways I could be keeping my covenants right now. And its even more amazing that we can do that everyday of our lives! No matter where we are in the world!!!! Full-time missionary or Member thing:)

    Well we are continuing to press forward in the faith and hope, that God is going to show us where to go and find those prepared people. Every day is challenging and different. Appointments fall through so often in Painesville and we struggle to get the members to come out with us and be excited about member missionary work. But yesterday in Fast and Testimony meeting was awesome. Some of the ward members gave powerful testimonies of missionary work and pressing forward and I think it really helped the ward to remember that it is part of their role as members of the church. For us to all work together in unity to build God's Kingdom up! Slowly but surely we really are making progress. We didn't get to see many of our investigators this week. I feel like a lot of them were just having a bad week and were not willing to make the time for us. We continued to stretch forth our hands and show them we love them though. Something that was said in church really struck me. "Love is when you really know a person." Or something like that. It helped me feel so much better about what we have been doing with some of our less actives and investigators. Coming to know them better and just loving them! I know they will respond. This week has been quite the roller coaster. We have had a lot of weird days were nothing goes as planned! Its frustrating but the incredible thing is, that its most often on those days that the miracles happen. God loves us, He really does. I am so amazing by His goodness and mercy towards us all. 
       We met the sweetest lady last night. Her name is Marie and she is 87 years old. We had such a good conversation with her and are determined to teach her the Gospel! People are really what makes all the difference! You just can't help but feel how much God must love all of us! 
     Well hope all is going well at home! The leaves are starting to turn colors here and it is going to be INCREDIBLE! I can tell already! I will take lots of pictures and upload them one of these days!!! Love you all!!!!
                    Sis Hannah Newren

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