Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Snake in the Chapel!

Hey Ya'alI
Hope I grabbed your attention with that title because its a good ol' story...but first I have to tell you about the rest of the week:) hehehehe
So, This week has been a good one! Update on Investigators
We have a couple but we have not been able to have really solid consistent lessons with many of them so it makes it harder to really help them progress. Angela is the only one with a baptismal date and she is this awesome lady but her life kinda fell apart after our first lesson and so we just have felt like she needs some space. We have stopped by a few times to make sure she knows we love and support her and are hoping to have an actual lesson with her next week. Then there is Don. 50+ yr old man. Such a character. always is cracking jokes about how we are stalking him:) He is so funny, we have a really good relationship with him. He talks so much and sometimes we just have to say "DON! STOP TALKING...just listen okay for 5....minutes:)" haha its great. He hasn't really been progressing though and so we finally stopped by one day and just asked him straight out. "Don do you even want to know if this is true? because we don't want to just shove it down your throat, you really have to want to know." and he said YES! which was huge because we started out having such a casual, joking, friendly relationship, that it has been kinda hard to get him to take us seriously with teaching him. But he also said he had considered going to church the last Sunday but then got called into work last minute! But at least he had that desire. We were so excited when he said that because now we know he really is interested. I feel like he is going to be baptized. I just feel it! He is like the most unlikely candidate but I know the Lord wants him in His church!
For Conference....loved it! Totally the highlight of my week. Everything just meant so much more being a missionary. On Saturday I was at sites and we still have to take tours (silly members....why aren't you watching General Conferance!) So I missed most of the first session. But I prayed that we would get to watch the second session, I told the sisters "dont worry I prayed we would get to see it" and some of them kinda laughed. But even though Sister Jones and I were the next in line to take a tour no one came in and we were able to watch the whole session! We watched the priesthood session too. Then Sunday we were in our area so we pretty much just hung out at the church all day and watched it all. It was so amazing! I love love loved Elder Ballard's Talk on missionary work. Its just so important and the more we all realize that the more its going to actually happen!
Okay so adventure for the week. We had this epic 7+ hour service project for a Less active/part member family. They live in a trailer home that is about to fall apart so the missionaries of the Perry ward were enlisted to help save it! They had this long list of things that needed to be done and when we read them off in one of our meetings we all just looked blankly at each other thinking "how in the world are we going to be able to do any of that?" It was all things like. fix dry wall, wrap ducts under trailer, fix plumbing, chop wood. haha yeah, we were under the impression though that some ward members would be coming too who knew how to do things like that.....yeah, it ended up just being us. HA! Luckily Elder Baker (southern gent from Georgia) knew how to wrap ducts SO, we spent the duration of those 7 hours under two different trailer homes wrapping their ducts with reflective insulation, taping it all in place and praying it would be okay through the winter! It was the nastiest, grossest thing I have ever done. There was untold horrors under those trailer homes. We seriously were army crawling in Mud, puddles of water, Cat poop, bugs, cobwebs, cacooniphied (yes I know thats not a real word, they really were though!) spiders etc. etc. etc. UGH! So gross. But sooooooo funny. It seriously was the funniest day of my mission so far, I mean the whole situation was just hilarious, crawling through all that crap, having no idea what we were supposed to be doing down their and to make it even better was that fact the elders were their! Here we are, missionaries, its been drilled into our head from day one not to touch, flirt with or practically talk to each other...hahahah and here we are ALL underneath these trailers in all sorts of awkward positions, lying right by each other, accidentally touching hands and all sorts of was horrible! And so funny. I mean of course we all were just really focused on getting the job done and not even thinking about it, but really we just laughed about it the whole time. sigh...I was crying I was laughing so hard. Anyways. and the best part is. We still have so much more service to do over there! haha... bring it!
And last but not least. Just yesterday, here we were calmly settled in the chapel watching conference when suddenly Elder Baker gets up walks quickly up a few aisles and crouches down, all we saw were a few jerky movements as he fussed with something on the ground...we look over and all the other Elders are mouthing "snake, there is a snake" with shocked faces. We of course didn't believe them until Elder Baker gets up and calmly walks out with a snake in his hand!!!!! whaaaaaaat! What the heck is a snake doing in the chapel!!!!!! during General Conference no less! Sis. Rigby freaked out and wouldn't put her feet down for a good 10 mins. When the Elders get back they come over asking me if I have any oils that would be good for a snake bite. "IT BIT HIM?" it did indeed. So I give them some essential oils and then they all huddle together over his hand putting them on. Elder Baker shrugged it off and was being so stubborn! Later he said he was burning up and his arm was on fire....ELDER BAKER! Geesh....guys, So pretty much we hope he hasn't died. Havn't heard from the Elders this morning so its not looking good.....(just kidding)
Well I better good going but I love you all and look forward to hearing from you!!!!! BYE!
Sis. Hannah Newren


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