Monday, October 21, 2013

Rain, Rain Go Away

  It has been rainy and so dreary, all week. Well maybe not all week, just the days we were in our area. The first day it rained it didn't really look that bad and so we didn't even think about bringing our umbrellas. Then it started raining, so we run under this tree where we could kinda stay dry, then it started raining harder. So we were pretty much getting really wet, and then the Mejias called. And it was a really important phone call. So here we are, Trapped under this tree. I am first was trying to keep the phone dry with my planner but then duh...don't want that to get wet, so I am awkwardly trying to pull my cardigan over the phone and talk to Bro. Mejia, all while we are trying to decide which of the nearest porches we should run to. We finally make a break for it and end up on this old ladies porch. So while I am still talking to Bro. Mejia and trying to hear him and listen. Sis Jones knocks on this ladies door and asks her if we can take cover for a little while on her porch. She was so sweet, but was standing there so awkwardly just watching us through here closed screen door. She eventually went and got us a towel. And was then talking to us (by now I had finally gotten off the phone with Bro. Mejia) and we couldn't hardly understand anything she said. She was from Italy and was seriously slipping back and forth from English to Italian....So funny, We just smiled and nodded and then finally just braved the rain and started for our car, which was forever away:) She was awesome though. People really are so nice here:)
      This week was a hard one, but awesome. We were able to take some of the Elder's in our ward, investigators on tour at Kirtland and it went so well. With one family it was so intense. The Kurstols (not sure how you spell it) I was so worried about them and that we had all pushed them too hard or something but I really did feel like we were led by the spirit and this Sunday the dad (who is the most resistant one) came to church by himself and actually looked happy (which is a big deal for him!) and said he felt the spirit (also a miracle). We sat with him and every talk in Sacrament meeting was so perfect for him and all he has been struggling with! Its kinda funny, but we haven't  been able to get any of our investigators to church so far, so we just kinda commandeer everyone else's! haha, not really but all of us missionaries in the ward are so unified and so we all just help each other out when it comes to church:) After Church Bro. Kurtsol finally told the Elders what his concern was and said he really just needed to talk to somebody about it. So he was able to talk with the Bishop and is going to get some help with some concerns he has. It was such an amazing day to see that all happen and know we had helped in some small way:) The other Investigators that had come loved Kirtland. The Elders told us that Harold's mom told them "He has been so happy and glowing every since that tour" wahoo!!!!!  It really is amazing to see that you just have to keep going, you just have to keep at it, and in His own time, The Lord really does shower down blessings upon us. Sigh... am learning so much...and yet more and more realize I have sooooooooo much more to learn. Its just never ending! In Church Bro. Thornton shared this "While other religions want you to know something, The Gospel of Jesus Christ challenges you to become something. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the plan, to help us become what Heavenly Father truly desires us to become" Ah I loved it! And that is really it! We are becoming something...and not just anything, we are becoming what our Heavenly Father intended for us to become. When we follow the teaches of Jesus Christ and participate wholeheartedly in His Church and the building up of His Kingdom, we are refining our souls, we are engaged in that process and journey of becoming. 
      Well, we had another bonfire this week! We did some service for a Less Active and she wanted to have s'mores with us all since we built her a fire pit, but we ended up not having time. So she invited us back, we asked her if it would be all right if a few of our investigators came as well, she said of course. Well what started out as a small campfire gathering turned into a ward/neighborhood, invite everyone you can, and ALL our investigators, big, huge Fiasco! (thanks to the Elders) haha Sis. Rigby who was arranging it all was so stressed about it. But it turned out great and the less active love it and wants to do it every Friday now! It was really fun and I just loving bringing investigators and members together like that so they can really meet some people and be comfortable with the church. 
    Well I had better get going but I love you all and hope you have a fabulous week!!!!!
            Sis. Hannah Newren
Challenge for the week: Read Joseph Smith's testimony of the First Vision....Its so powerful.

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