Friday, November 1, 2013


 Hey Everyone! Hola from OHIO! Where the leaves fall before they turn pretty colors, where everything can be blamed on "the lake effect" and where it snows before Halloween. haha..  Seriously though, snow! ugh, not ready for that. But I still love love love it here. And the leaves really are beautiful, they just are all falling off and half of the leaves still on the trees are still green...what is happening! People are saying this Fall is being a little weird. Anyways....:)
       We were not able to get into too many homes this week. It was so sad, everybody just kept canceling and not being home! But we tried our best and this week is looking awesome. We did find some neat people though that I really hope will be more committed to progressing in the Gospel....arg...its so hard to be patient sometimes, I know though that it is hard for people to change, and that is what we are asking them to do. To change and come unto Christ.
    We had an awesome lesson with Bro. Molyneux and his daughter Tessa. He hasn't been to church since he was a teenager and Tessa doesn't know anything about the church. We feel really good about them, I think they both don't realize this is what they are looking for but they are very willing to experiment with it. Well lets just say you don't hear us complaining!!!!  They are an awesome family and miracles are happening with them! Sis. Jones and I have decided that we need to "flood the world with the Book of Mormon!" So we have been using it a lot in our proselyting efforts and we can tell some amazing things are going to happen with that! Also, I am pretty sure almost everyone of us missionaries in the Perry ward asked Pres. Vellinga in our interview this week about working with the Bishop and ward etc.. and answer to prayer... We went in there with a sincere desire to step it up and the Bishop surprised us all with an hour long meeting and discussion on how he is there for us and he is re-committed and is willing to help us move the work forward. He read us a quote from Elder Nelson I believe from a meeting with Stake Presidents and such they recently held somewhere and it said "the Full time missionaries no longer belong to the mission president, they belong to the Bishop." basically he says, they are members of the ward and the Bishop has full responsibility of helping them move the work forward. So It was amazing! He is so pumped about this and so are we. Which is just what we needed. The Perry ward has been really struggling with unity and supporting the missionaries but with that communication and support from the Bishop I know things are going to explode around here. So excited! I really hope I get to stay here for awhile yet. Transfers are coming up again in a few weeks and since I will be done training its a possibility I could be transfered and/or get a new companion. I am sure it will be awesome whatever happens but there is just so much more we have to do here!!!!!! And with the Bishop now on board we are already seeing miracles.
      Well, hmmm...I am trying to remember what happened this week.....its all a blur! I think that was pretty much it! We have our ward Halloween party tonight which we are all super excited for and we invited everyone we know so hopefully they all come!!!!! Well I love you all and will talk to you next week!
    Sis. Hannah Newren

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