Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall is finally here!

Hello Everyone!
     So I know I said we had snow last week. And it certainly is getting bitter cold. But the leaves have FINALLY all turned (well the majority anyways) So it actually feels like fall! Wahoooooo. Its beautiful, I am so glad I am not the one who has to drive so I can just look out the window and enjoy the scenery wherever we go. Its awesome.
     We had a Halloween party with our ward last Tuesday and it was so much fun. The best part was when the Kurzhols walked in. They all looked so happy. Even Bro. Kurzhol which is HUGE for him. He seriously used to never crack a smile. But they were just all so happy and Sis. Jones and I were able to talk with them for awhile and really get to know Sis. Kurzhol. I think we really helped her feel welcomed and loved and it just was the best feeling in the world. They are actually the Elders investigators but we gave them a tour at Kirtland so we definitely feel a strong connection to them. The Elders told us they committed them to baptism again and Karen, the wife was like...."okay so how are we going to do this because its going to be kinda hard juggling two religions." hahah! Whaaaat. The Elders definitely had to clarify on that point:) They are so awesome though and someday they will be members of this church. 

      We have been working more in some of the nicer neighborhoods in Painesville. We feel very strongly that there is a very special family in this one area, right by where two of our members live. So we have been being very thorough in that area. We have one new investigator named Debbie who lives there and she is awesome. She has had a rough life but she has strong morals and knows what is important. Her husband has had two affairs but she just said "Divorce is too easy now days. It was the hardest thing I have ever done to get over that and let myself love him again but I do love him and we are married so we just keep going and making it work" The Gospel is exactly what she needs and I think she is beginning to see that as well. We also were able to have some awesome lessons with two of our less active families. The Mejias really have no interest in coming back to church but they are very welcoming to us and just recently we encouraged Bro. Mejia to let us have the Bishop call him and he agreed. That was such a miracle and I think a big step towards bringing them back. The Molynuex's are amazing. They are really lost and I think are really hoping the church has what they want but still don't quiet see it yet. Bro. Molynuex and his daughter Tessa both excepted a Book of Mormon and seemed really excited about it. We brought a couple from our ward over with us and it was just a very powerful lesson. We are excited to keep working with them all and see a great future comin' for the Perry ward!!!! The Bishop has been awesome! Really been turning around and pushing missionary work and we love it! It is truly an answer to prayer. 
     OH yes I almost forgot. Service this week. K so we had another project that the Elders needed our help with. We went over to that same trailer park (we are getting way too well known over there:) and were helping a Less active, Sis. Barth and her sister Judy (investigator) with washing the walls in her home. It was a big job but we got it done quickly with 4 of us and Bro. Cuttler. Then we got dragged on to the next service project. The trailer home next store where some of the Elders investigators live was burned really bad inside. So we had the pleasant task of ripping that place apart and are now working on putting it back together. We tore down the ceiling, pulled up the floor, ripped off the walls, sheet rock insulation and everything. We smelled so bad and were breathing in all of this horrible dusty, smelly, insulation thick air and coughing and blinking like crazy. When we went home that night. It hurt to touch our faces because there were literally shards of plexi glass all over them! Ah it was awful, but we loved it. Bill(the sweetest man who was in charge of the reconstruction going on)  wanted me to make sure and tell you Papa that I am learning valuable life skills out here, I now know how to demolish a house. 
      Well I better get a goin' but I will talk to you all next week:)
            Sis. Hannah Newren
  p.s. The Jones, one of the senior couples finished their mission this past Friday. We had a nice breakfast all together and then sang to them over the balcony. We sang our mission song and it was just the sweetest thing. All of us missionaries that serve at sites all together saying goodbye to one of our own... I was definitely tearing up.  We are sure going to miss them, They were one of my favorite senior couples!

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