Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hello Family and Friends!

      This week has been GREAT! Its been pretty cool because we are at sites Sunday, then our p-day is Monday, then we are at sites Tuesday and then in our area for 4 days straight! I love love love being at sites but it really has been cool to have a good chunk of area time to really get some work done! It's really tricky trying to juggle what we want and need to get done in our area when we have to be at sites half the week! So its been awesome! We are seeing a lot of really cool things.
     We are starting to finally see some real progression with some of our investigators. We have three with baptismal dates now!!!!!!! ding ding ding ding!!!! Jeff (Dec 28th) and Tessa and Bradley (Jan 4th). I love them so much and am so excited for them to discover the great blessings of making those covenants with our Father in Heaven. They are all choice children of our Heavenly Father and I feel so honored to even be a part of helping them learn about the Gospel and what they must do to return and live with their God together as a family. It has been so special and I am so excited to continue to work with them!  The last lesson we had with Tessa and Bradley we taught the Plan of Salvation, their dad couldn't make it so that was really sad, but we started teaching them and Sis. Jones got down on the floor to lay out the Plan of Salvation papers and Bradley got down on the floor too! They are so awesome and so eager to learn! At the end they had just set a baptismal date for Jan 4th

 and we all were joking about how we must have known each other in the pre-earth life and how we promised them we would find them to teach them the Gospel! And it really is true! I just know that teaching the Molynuex's is one of the reasons I need to come to Ohio on my mission. They are such a special family!
       God is so good to us. We have so many awesome people in our area I just know it. We are trying really hard to get into more homes and teach more families and help those the Lord has helped us find to start progressing....it has been a hard slow start, but things are at the breaking point and I just know miracles are beginning to unfold and I am learning so much as I watch/help it happen. I am really working on trying to follow the spirit more and the one thing I have noticed is how humble it requires me to be. I mean I can teach and explain fairly well, but to really have the spirit so that those we are with can truly become converted, I have to step away from all I know and say "okay God, This is your lesson, help me to speak for thee" It has been awesome to see how much more powerful our lessons are when we turn it over to God. I love being a missionary!!!!!  
     We have had some crazy stuff going on with the Mejias...They are such an awesome family and one we have been working a lot with ever since I got here. Well last week Bro. Mejia was to the point were he was seriously considering coming back to church. He just wanted to meet the Bishop and  "see where they stand and how they feel about my family"  Well Bishop is an awesome guy, but a little bit on the formal side....and Bro. Mejia did not like him....oh it was so sad! and it wasn't the Bishop's fault at alll! but now they are pretty much right back to where they were. Its just so sad because ever since his heart transplant Bro. Mejia has been really paranoid and he just is really struggling with feeling like everyone is out to get him! On the bright side they still love having us over and hearing our messages about Christ. Sis. Mejia taught us how to make some traditional Honduran food the other day, it was so delicious! 

    Well I love you all and hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving!!!!
Love, Sister Hannah Newren

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