Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Happy holidays!

Hey hey hey everyone!!!!
     So last night we were at sights, getting our work done. We had noticed it was a blustery, dreary yet oddly warm day yet thought nothing of it...well we had just had an entertaining conversation with Elder Norton (Senior Elder), He was telling us all about the story of those 10 sister missionaries who were trapped in their home during the Hurricane in the Philippines. We were spell bound, then he says,"sorry we can't get anything exciting to happen here for you Sisters (jokingly of course...its always exciting at Kirtland and in Painesville:)" haha well, not even an hour later they tell us a Tornado warning has been issued and they want us all to get to our homes as quickly as possible. Apparently the Tornado had by that time touched down in Toledo and was heading our way...So we grab our things and headed out while Sis. Norton explains to us to go to our basement if it gets bad. It was indeed a nail biting drive up the hill to the Hyrum Smith home where we live. Lots of rain and wind....To carry on the theatrics of the night we did indeed check out our basement and wondered aloud if we really would have to spend the night here:) well pretty much we ended up just sprawling on the floor making calls and updating our area book for the rest of the night. Planned for the next day and calmly went to bed. much for all the hype.  But it was good, it did get pretty windy and rainy but turned out to be nothing to worry about. Still I know it never hurts to be safe:) And I am sure this isn't the last time we will just narrowly avoid getting swept up by a Tornado:)
   This week has been a good one. Mostly we have been doing a lot of stop by's, trying to stay in touch those we have found who are harder to meet with and don't yet realize that this will change their life. We have so many investigators who have such potential and its just so hard to help them have that desire and motivation to keep moving forward and progressing! Its frustrating but its so worth it when it works out and those really sincere ones pull through:)
    We had another amazing lesson with the Molynuex's. Bro. Molynuex and Tessa came right out and said "I am so sorry we didn't read this week!" It was sad to hear but the remorse was evident and we stressed that reading and praying is how they are going to get their answers! I think it sank in a lot better. Bradley, who is Bro. Molynuex's 17 year old son was finally able to be there and is the most incredible kid I have ever met! He is so grown up and responsible and so interested! You can just tell he is searching for truth and was recognizing what we taught as truth. When we asked them to be baptized he said "if this book convinces me..." He has such a desire to find out if this is true and I know once he does he will be rock solid! We love them so much! They are such a special family and we live for them now! We have been able to get the McIntosh's over there every lesson and they have been amazing fellowship. They just rave about how awesome the Molynuex's are after every lesson and it is just so sweet to see the responsibility and connection they feel for them now....I have no worries who they will sit by at church and who will take them to Kirtland. Members are so key in helping investigators progress and feel welcome. Its been just amazing to watch.
     The thing I have treasured most about my mission is people. Learning to care about and love and serve people just as Christ would has changed my life. There are so many people who need so much love....and it has been the most precious privilege to be an instrument in God's hands to give them that love. It moves mountains and its the most powerful, worthwhile thing in the world. Sometimes I come so close to crying, with the people I meet and situations I see, its just heart breaking. And its not always the horrible living situations, I know they are much worse off in other 3rd world countries. But its the emotional hurt and spiritual denial that is the hardest to witness. What really is there to live for if you don't have hope? But that is what the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings. And that is what drives me. We stopped by Don's house a few nights ago and met his son Andy. Andy is 25 and so bitter. He just railed at his father..."why are you doing this, God doesn't are the man who raised me and taught me that God doesn't exist and now you are dabbling in this #ji45#@ saying maybe he does????!!!" It was so sad and Don just calmly said..."Why not? I am changing my mind, I believe its possible that He does."  It was a powerful moment to see how far Don has come. He still has a lot to work through but he is an amazing person and is beginning to accept the healing power of the Atonement in his life.    The Church is true!
    I love you all! Have a fabulous week!
           Sis. Hannah Newren
P.S thank you so much for the package!!!!! You all are the best! All the senior couples were admiring the outside and how cute it was! You guys are the best family ever!!!!!!

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