Monday, November 11, 2013


Hi Everyone!

Man, Holidays on the mission are so weird! Halloween? Did that even just happen????? and now its Veterans day which means all of the libraries and our favorite store is closed...ugh. But I still love holidays and I am crazy excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas!
     This week has been awesome but I don't have much time to tell about it. I will just share one miracle:)
   The Molynuex's: Bro. Molynuex is a less active who hasn't been to church since he was little (soooo he is pretty much an investigator) and Tessa his daughter is our investigator...we have taught them several times but haven't been able to meet with Bradley the 17 yr old son...well we finally briefly met him one day and will be teaching all of them this week but we found out that they totally have been keeping him updated on everything! And he was the first one in their family to actually pick up the Book of Mormon and start reading it!!!! So amazing...He is a cool kid! This family is so golden and I was praying and praying that I would not get transferred so that Sis. Jones and I could keep teaching them and my wish came true!!!!! Both of us are staying for another transfer! So happy. I love being a missionary!
 Well got to go. The Church is true!

        Sis. Hannah Newren!

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