Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year!

Its been a good year.  
      I love you all so much! And I love my mission sooooooooooo much!!!!!!! I love December and I love snow, and I loved 2013 and I love 2014 already. I love Ohio and Utah and companions and investigators and members and food and well everything! My life is SO. GOOD!
     But, really:) It was so so fun to talk to you all at Christmas. I felt so weird for a minute, like I should have been sitting on the couch right there with you, but then it dawned on me that I was the one away from home, I was the one you were all so excited to see, it was so weird! But I loved it! Christmas was so much fun, mostly because I got to see all of you!
     This week has been so eye opening. Its really different being away from your trainer. I miss Sis. Jones but I am loving this opportunity to really spread my wings (cheesy I know) and FLY!!!!!! (ugh...definitely too cheesy). Its crazy but I feel like I have learned so much about myself and about the kind of missionary I am in these past 13 days than the whole 4 1/2 months I was with Sis. Jones. Suddenly I just have so much more responsibility and say in how we do things and it has made me want to work so much harder. I have been trying my whole mission up to this point to really enjoy the work. And I really have, but this week I just have this new found desire to try even harder than I have been and to really just lose myself and work harder than I ever have EVER!  Its awesome. And its totally God. I have been praying to have a stronger desire to do the work and really love it and it has been flowing into my life so effortlessly I can't hardly believe it! There is a quote in our apartment that says, "when obedience ceases to become an irritant and becomes instead our quest. there flows into our lives a tremendous power to do the work" (okay so that wasn't exactly verbatim but that's basically what it says:) I think that is what's happening. With that switch in perspective, that I don't just have to be obedient but that I really want to be exactly obedient. God is giving me more power and more desire to work hard and have more faith. I LOVE IT!
      Christmas was so lovely. The whole season was just so magical. To be able to really focus on what I can give, rather then what I am getting was so beautiful. And looking at it that way, you suddenly realize how very very much we have been given and how no matter how much of ourselves we give it will never repay Christ back. But the best part is, he doesn't expect us to. That's why the atonement is called a gift. because it was freely and lovingly given. We just have to accept it.
       So I decided for New years goals I am going to take it month by month because I always set such elaborate goals and forget what they are by the end of February. So for January.....NO SUGAR!!!!!! Help me k! remind me, encourage me, and tell me its going to be worth it! I am also going to do a 90 day Book of Mormon Challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who wants to do it with me????????!!!!!!!!!!! please please please!!!!!!! So we have from Jan 1st to March 31st.  Pick something to focus on this time round as your reading too. I am going to go through and mark every where it mentions Christ. Ready......GO!!!!!! Its going to be awesome!
       You all have a fabulous New year and a happy life!
ps. I spoke in church on Sunday AND sang a song with Sis. Stack. It was missionary 5th Sunday so they roped us all into it....of course we are happy to do it though. It went really well! I spoke on missionary work and of course the elders made me go last so I had to take up the last 20 mins of the meeting! I kept their attention for 15mins then had to admit defeat and sat down. Everybody said I should be a professional speaker....whatever.... LOVE YOU!

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