Monday, December 16, 2013

Transfers and lots of other crazy stuff!

This week has been crazy crazy crazy!!!!!! Like rip your hair out, no control, headache all week kinda crazy....but its been really awesome too:)
Thursday we did a service project for one of the members whom we love Sis. D. She recently moved and needed some help getting her home in order. So the Elders and us Sisters pulled together to go help her get it all done. We were just leaving, Sis. D had to take all of us sisters back to our area so we were all piled in the car and Elder Peterson, who is the sweetest, shyest guy 18 yr old Elder is standing in back kinda signaling that we can go....well when the car gets up to him he spreads out his arms and leans over to lay on the back of the car. Now. Elder Peterson is really tall and he has done this kinda thing jokingly a few times before and while its not the smartest Idea it never was a huge deal. BUT, not the time or place and it was soooo cold. So he does this and none of us really realize what he is trying to do, when all of the sudden the back windshield shatters and his hand and face come through the back seat! Oh my goodness, we just all sat in shock for a minute with him just saying "I am so sorry, I am so sorry, I am so sorry!" it was so sad, we tried to all just remain calm but Sis. D was in shock and Elder. Peterson is freaking our and All of the other Elders aren't really helping...sigh, well then we realize Elder Peterson's hand is spurting we run inside to find something to stop it, we took to long so Elder Tam just rips off his nice sweatshirt and wraps Elder P's hand. Sis. Jones has taken an EMT course so we looked at it and it was definitely cut up pretty bad so Elder Richen's takes him to the ER where he had to get 6 stitches..poor guy...seriously probably the one dumb thing he has done in his life.... Anyways so the rest of us stayed and went to work trying to clean up the glass and blood...well of course the Elders wouldn't let us sister's even touch it since we didn't have gloves so we did our best to help Sis. D figure out how she was getting to work the next morning and what not. It was a pretty crazy fiasco and poor Elder Peterson has been in a lot of pain all week:(
okay Friday, Ward Christmas party!!!! It was so fun! One of the Elders investigators Shirley made me wear her singing/dancing elf hat for half the night...haha....yeah it was a tad humiliating but I think I pulled it off pretty well, despite the Elders telling me I looked like an Elf! We had a good crowd there though and met some really cool people. I also stole the RS presidents, husbands was just sitting there on the table and he was not paying very close attention so I slowly pulled it towards me and snapped some closeups of him and his wife...haha it was funny, when he realized we had it it was hilarious:)
Saturday. We were at the Mejias for WAY tooooo long (I can't even tell you!) They just kept talking talking talking and Sis. Mejia wanted us to help her with all of these projects, then we did service for them and ended up eating lunch and was crazy but it was the last time we were able to see them. Half way through, President Vellinga called us and told us they are closing our area!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were devastated! I mean we knew it was possible and they aren't really closing it, they are just combining it with the other elders area, but still, that means both of us our getting transferred and all our investigators will now be being taught by Elders. Its so sad because we have poured so much of our heart and soul into this area and the people we teach we have such deep relationships without so its just so sad that we have to up and leave and turn them over to two guys they have never even met. I know the Lord knows what he is doing though and that it will all be for the best. I have served the first 4 months of my mission in Painesville and I can't even tell you how hard it is to leave.
Sunday, We had a Community of Christ Christmas Hymn sing we went to at the Kirtland temple. Us sisters sang a few songs and as always, had several super awkward moments...pretty much we didn't know we were supposed to be singing a song until the pianist was playing the intro and by then we didn't have time to stand up so we sang the whole song sitting down!!!!!!!!!!! it was ridiculous!!!!!! but what else is new...
Sunday we went to bed and couldn't really get to sleep because we have soooooooo much on our minds..between packing and getting our area book in order and contacting all of our investigators its been insane. So we are just falling asleep and at 11:30 our phone rings...well we were a little freaked out ("who the heck would be calling this late???") it was Bishop Dew...well we didn't answer because it was so late, but we knew it must be important so we were really worried...well he left a voice mail and pretty much just said "hey sisters, sorry its so late, I need the Mettler's info there has been a really bad accident, call me back" So really concerned now we call him back and he tells us that Sis metter's (a Less active whom we absolutely adore) daughter got in a tragic sledding accident and was undergoing emergency surgery, he said her spine was broken in 5 places and her neck was completely severed from her spinal cord. We were in shock. He said, its really not looking good, she has no feeling in any of her extremities and will most likely be a quadriplegic for the rest of her life. I was heart broken and in such shock. We texted Sis. Mettler right and away and dropped down to our knees to supplicate God for a miracle and comfort and strength in their behalf. Pray for them!
Well there you go, it was crazy like I said. I love you all! Have a fabulous time getting ready for CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sis. Hannah Newren

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