Monday, November 10, 2014



      You know what the hardest part about writing an email home is.....the subject title. I can never think of a good one!!! So, hence the smiley face.
        This week we had two exchanges. Sis. Pugh came to serve with me in Chardon on Wednesday. It was awesome! She actually wasn't feeling very well all day but I was so impressed with her determination to just keep going. She was an excellent missionary and was so selfless, I would be like "how are you doing really" and she would just brush it aside "I am OK, lets keep going" even though I know she really wasn't. It was awesome. She is so wonderful!
       Then, I served with Sis. Hardy in the Perry area. I love Sis. Hardy. I feel like I didn't know her super well before that day but now she is one of my very favorite people ever!!! She was so happy and dilligent all day. I was in awe. She is so wonderful, At the end of the day I was able to talk with her for a long time. She is going through a really rough time actually. I felt so bad but just followed the Spirit and was hopefully able to help her. It was one of those moments that I think I was called to be a Sister Training Leader for. To be able to help that Sister in her moment of need. It was such a good feeling. I love her so much! The day I served with her has probably been one of my most favorite days on the mission! It was just so full of the Spirit, hard work, and friendship.

         Our investigator Ryan is still doing really well! It is so refreshing to work with somebody who has such a sincere desire to find out the truth! Now it makes me want to work harder at finding more people like that!
           The biggest miracle of the week was a member family in our area bringing a family to church!!!! They don't know them super well but the dad's have some connection and the Non-member emailed Bro. Arnold one day and said "hey I have a Book of Mormon on my shelf and I finally picked it up and read it...I have some questions" So they invited them over one Sunday for dinner and answered their questions and then brought them to church the next Sunday. So we got to meet them and hopeful will be able to start teaching them soon! Miracles happen!!!!  Oh I am so excited!!!!!!!!
            Well, serving at Kirtland this week has been awesome. On Saturday we had three big bus tours of youth from New Jersey come through. We took 4 tours!!!! That is a lot! This time of year you are lucky if you get 1 tour a day! I felt like it was summer time again, with the visitor's center so busy!
             On one of the tours I was feeling the Spirit especially strong, When we got to the school of the Prophets I felt prompted to hand the Testimony of John Murdock (Testimony of him seeing the Father and the Son in that room)  to one of the cool kids ( he looked and acted like one of the punks of the group). So we told them the story of how the Word of Wisdom came about and how they then were promised they would see Heavenly Visions if they humbled themselves. Well I had the all close their eyes and then the kid read the testimony. It was so cool, the spirit was so strong. After I asked him what his favorite part of the tour was and he said "The School of the Prophets and reading that Testimony. I just felt something..." I then talked with him about going on a mission for the rest of the time while we walked back from the tour. It was so cool to just be able to testify to him how absolutely amazing a mission is and how he can't miss it for the world!!! It was one of those moments that I could just tell God had allowed me to be an instrument in his hands and help inspire and uplift somebody else. It was awesome! I love youth tours the best because I just talk to them about how awesome missions are the whole time!!!!!!
            On Sunday we actually got to stay for all of church which was so nice!! Because we serve at the Visitor's Center on Sunday we often have to only go to Sacrament meeting and then leave. But this time we got to stay!!! I was so happy! I have been especially fond of Relief Society recently because I am reading the "Daughters in My Kingdom" book. It is SO GOOD! And it felt so wonderful to be able to sit there with all of my fellow sisters and worship and learn and inspire together! I think that is also why I love serving with all the other Sisters at the Visitor's Center so much. To just be around so many faithful and valiant Sisters, who are being so selfless and sacrificing so much and learn and grow from watching them and being with them is so incredible. Women are so strong!!! 
          We also went to another "Messiah" practice. It went well, still really over all of our heads, as we can only go to the practice every other week. Oh well, We've got God on our side so we will be fine:)
          Then we went to our stake corrilation meeting. President Vellinga couldn't come this time so it was just all of us Sister training Leaders and zone leaders for the two Kirtland zones, with our Stake President and President Everett (Pres. Vellinga's first councilor) It was such an inspiring meeting! We talked about the youth and how we are the ones who are closest in age to them and can influence them the most and get them on missions! We also talked about asking thought provoking questions more as we teach. It was just so cool to sit with our Stake leader and discuss with him what the Stake needs and what we as missionaries can do to help! I love being a missionary so much!!!!!
     This Gospel and this church really does demand the best of us. And sometimes that is SO HARD TO GIVE!!! But, I have been studying service recently and LOVED this quote by Elder Eyring.......... "Whenever am invited to be giver, remember and believe thelyrics “Sweet is the work, my God, my King.”2

        This work is truly the "sweetest" work we can be engaged in. I know it brings blessings unimaginable. I am so grateful to be here. Thank you for all of you who made it possible and continue to support and encourage me. It is making the most amazing and humbling difference in my life.   
               I love you all SO MUCH! I hope you have a fabulous week!
                      Go to Heaven!

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