Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Fall!

Hey Everyone!!!

        Wow, time sure is flying! It is so crazy! I feel like just yesterday it was the beginning of the summer! And now winter is nearly here!
         Did I tell you the Robbins took us out to Bahama Breeze last preparation day??? It was such a fun day! Sis. Nance and I went shopping so that she could find a really good going home outfit and then we went out with the Robbins to celebrate Sis. Nance leaving! It was so great! It is by far one of my very favorite restaurants and I am so crushed that they don't exist in UTAH!!! ah. its awful! but we will go there when we all come back to visit k! I got the most delicious Salmon Salad. It was divine! You would have LOVED it Mom:) 
      After that we drove all the way out to one of the farthest away Less Actives whom we havn't been able to see in forever! We kinda warned her we were coming but she didn't respond. It was a risky drive as it was the end of the month and we were almost past our # of miles allotted for that month. But we felt like we needed to just go. So on complete faith we did and SHE WAS HOME!!!!!!!! It was a miracle! We got to have a great visit with her AND she is letting us go back tonight too!!!! yay!
    The next day we had Mission Leadership Council again. Doesn't it feel like I just went to that??!!!!! It comes around SO FAST! I loved loved loved it! We were planning for Zone Conference and it was awesome! It is going to be such an inspirational meeting! You will have to wait until after the 11th to hear about it though!!!!!!!                 

           We were able to see our investigator Ryan this week! It was so cool, we couldn't find anyone to come teach him with us and our appointment was the next day. Suddenly we remembered this member couple we have been working with and though "we should just try them" It was such a miracle!!! they said they would love to come and even wanted to feed us dinner before. They said " we were keeping our Friday open because we meant to call you and invite you over for dinner but just hadn't gotten around to it!" it was so awesome that they were available and it was perfect because we got to practice the lesson with them before hand and then when we met with Ryan it was perfect!! He is so ready! He agreed to be baptized and we are shooting for a date in January (he is praying about it) We are so excited for him!!!!!!
            This past week I also went on exchanges with Sis. Bailey Smith in Solon South. It was so wonderful! I love her so much and have always wanted to be her companion so to be able to go on exchanges with her was such a tender mercy! I learned so much from her. She is such a diligent missionary and we were able to really lift each other up and encourage each other to be even better. It was awesome!!!
       Oh the Sorenson's also had us over for an ice cream social on Halloween. We can't really celebrate Halloween so they called it a celebration for his "moms birthday" haha too funny! It was great!
         On Saturday we went to the Community of Christ Pancake breakfast (when we come back to visit we should try to make it on the first Saturday of the month so we can go to the pancake breakfast!!) It was the last one Sis.Nance will ever go to!!! crazy! She leaves so soon! like 2 weeks!!!!!
       Since it is November now they have officially begun setting up the NATIVITIES!!!!!!!!!!! yay yay yay yay yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT is my absolutely favorite time of the year!!!!!!! Oh yeah, and Sis. Best (she is the one in charge, I know her from the Perry ward) pulled me aside and asked if I would be in charge of putting together a concert with the sisters to be performed on various nights during the nativity season. So that will be fun! I will try to just keep it simple. Mosly hymns but also hopefully some cool christmas songs!!!! If you have any good ideas that would be appropriate for Sister Missionaries let me know!!!
     Last night we got to go watch the CES Devotional with Elder Hallstrom (who is the one who came to our mission with Elder Holland) at the Robbins house!!! It was SO Fun!!! I love them so much! They spoil us like none other and we just soak it all up!!!!

      Well, life is good!!!I love my mission and am so happy here!!! I hope you all have a fabulous week and I will talk to you again in 7 days!!!!!
                        Go to Heaven!!
                            ~ SisN

  ps...we have been raking lots of leaves. SO MANY LEAVES!!!
          The first pic is me with the Hartman's Less active/part member family
           second is me and Sis. Smith on exchanges!

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